12 Hours Left! Parent and Community Input Wanted From Beacon City School District

The Beacon City School District has produced very fine students over several generations, and the district itself has seen the best of times and the worst of times. Its current administration has been hard at work to create a connection with the community, in order to easily get information to them, as well as get information from them.

With the start of the new year, Beacon Superintendent Matthew Landahl invited the Beacon education community (parents via the school newsletter, and readers of his school blog) to participate in a “thought exchange” about how to improve the school experience for the Beacon graduate.

Dr. Landahl wrote: “In November 2017, the Beacon Board of Education endorsed and launched a long-range planning process for the district that will result in a focused and aligned community vision of student success beyond school. Having engaged the community in the identification of the most critical attributes of success for a Beacon graduate, the district now seeks to improve the district’s ability to ensure that every child develops those same qualities.”

This is your chance to contribute any thoughts you’ve had over the course of ever: about what you wish the Beacon City School District provided, or about what you are thankful that they currently provide, and you want to voice your opinion that it should stay.

The ThoughtExchange survey takes 5 to 10 minutes and is very easy. You can put in a number of thoughts. There are word count limitations, so it keeps you brief. You can remain anonymous, and others can read the thoughts, and even rate them. You can skip the rating part if you wish, and just read others to expand your vision. Or you can just drop your thoughts and go!

You can start the survey here. You do not need to be a parent in the district, and can simply be a person living here. The district, teachers and administrators have been very open to suggestions, so use this opportunity to voice your ideas.