Third Annual Theater Day at Beacon High School 2017

Photo Credit: Beacon Players

Photo Credit: Beacon Players

Third Annual Theater Day
Beacon High School Theater
101 Matteawan Road, Beacon, NY 12508
When: Saturday, September 16, 2017
Time: Check-in at 8 am
Register: Email

Coming to a high school theater near you... The Third Annual Theater Day opens its doors at the Beacon High School Theater on Saturday, September 16, 2017 to students from high schools in and around New York State. Tickets are free for a day of performance and technical workshops, including free breakfast and lunch, sponsored by Beacon High School, Spackenkill High School, Arts Mid-Hudson, BeaconArts and the Beacon Performing Arts Center.

Take a look behind the curtain of the agenda of workshops we've included below, and you will see why the region's high school musicals are so impressive. There have been other productions since, but A Little Beacon Blog explored Peter Pan in 2016 and the amount of student-produced work that went into it. The experience that students of Beacon High School theater come away with is irreplaceable. Hands-on work in set design, costume design, music, PR, and more are in addition to what the actors experience. Only 250 participants can sign up by emailing and providing your name, school, and grade.

The day is designed to provide educational theatrical guidance in various fields while kids can interact with students from different schools, while talking about one of the things they love most: THEATER!

What's Going On For An Entire Theater Day?
The 2017 Schedule

Theater Day offers high-quality workshops for students, led by talented, working professionals in many different theater disciplines ranging from acting, dance, auditioning, scenic painting, special effects makeup and much more. 

Examples of some of the workshops include:

Modern and Theatrical Dance

  • Learn Modern/Creative Movement (Martha Graham/Horton technique)
  • Jazz (Luigi warmup)
  • Dance Combinations and Movements

Fosse Dance Workshop

  • Combinations
  • Signature and Stylized Choreography

Audition Technique Intensive

  • High School Audition Do’s & Don’ts
  • Vocal Audition Help
  • Line Delivery
  • Simple Rules

Musician Intensive

  • Pit Orchestra
  • Interactive (bring your instrument or use ours)

Acting - Drama vs. Musical

  • Interpret Your Role Appropriately

Your Personal Acting Coach - One-on-One Evaluation

Lighting Design and Application

  • Lighting Plots
  • Instruments
  • How To’s
  • Resources

Set Design

  • How to Start
  • Different Ways to Present Your Ideas
  • How They Do it on Broadway
  • Create a Design and Present It

Set Construction

  • Design is Completed, Now What?

Acting Shakespeare for the High School Student

  • Overcome the Fear
  • Language/Intonation
  • Why “The Bard”

Costume Design and Execution

  • Work Together to Create a Design
  • How to Read a Plot
  • Costume Changes

Art Color and Design for the Stage

Improvisation and Theater Games


  • Social Media
  • How to Get The Word Out
  • Create a Poster
  • Press Release
  • Collaborations

Vocal Techniques

  • “I Can’t Sing”
  • How Do I Make My Voice Work For Me?

The Student Stage Manager

  • What Are My Responsibilities?

Makeup and Hair

  • Creating the Look - Period Hair
  • Fantasy Hair for the Stage

What Shows Work and What Shows Do Not Work For High School
Musical Theater Today?

  • Sondheim/Schwartz/Webber
  • Classics - Are They Gone?

8:00 am: Students are invited to begin the day for breakfast and check-in. During breakfast, the students will sign up for two morning workshops. There will be large charts set up in one of the hallways for students to sign up to attend morning workshops of their choice.

8:30 am: Group meeting in the theater for a brief kick-off and housekeeping.

9:00 am - noon: Two morning workshops!

Noon - 1:00 pm: Lunch! At this time, students can revisit their sign-ups for the afternoon sessions. 

1:00 - 4:00 pm: Afternoon sessions

4:00 pm: Re-group in the theater for wrap-up, presentations and some fun theater activities. Some of the activities from the day might be presented so everyone gets a feel for all the workshops that took place.