The Beacon Pool 2018 Opening, How It Works, and Summer Hours

Photo Credit: The Beacon Pool's Facebook Page

Photo Credit: The Beacon Pool's Facebook Page

The Beacon Pool is back for its 2018 season! Beacon lifers might remember the days when the Beacon Pool had to close, and was an empty cement hole for many hot summers. But no longer. Operated by the Beacon Recreation Department and staffed by lifeguards and pool staff you've come to recognize year after year, the Beacon Pool is now open for business and still has season passes available, though you can buy affordable day passes as well. Over the years, we've gotten to know the pool and how it works, so here's what you'll need to know:

Season Pass Holders

While this feels like a VIP pass (and you should feel like a VIP for having one, because you're seriously committed), it's really just a convenience so you can avoid scrounging for dollars in your pool bag or car. Season Pass Holders don't get priority for swimming; they don't get in even when there is a line at the gate when the pool reaches its capacity of 75 people - which happens quickly. But having the Season Pass makes life easier when you're just swinging by the pool for a quick dip. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to justify heading out for a 20-minute "quick dip" and ask yourself if it's worth it. Answer: It is. Just go.

2018 Day Use Pool Fees

Adult Day Pass: $4
Child/Senior Day Pass: $3

The Line and Wait Time

There is no messing with this Poolside Fashionista. No running!  Photo Credit:  The Beacon Pool's Facebook Page

There is no messing with this Poolside Fashionista. No running!
Photo Credit: The Beacon Pool's Facebook Page

So, there is this issue of the pool often having a line to get in. And you can't bribe the pool bouncers - we've tried. Waiting isn't soooo bad, as long as you are prepared. Bring snacks, maybe a soccer ball or your own radio and a low volume. Don't walk away or expect a fancy paging system to buzz you when you're next in line. Stay close to the fence to hear your name being called.

Speaking of Food...

You can bring your own, but you can't eat it within the pool area. They don't want too many extra bees flying around.

Why Does It Open at 2 pm?

We've heard this before. No the lifeguards aren't just rolling out of bed then. The pool staff has actually been there for some time, teaching swim classes and entertaining campers from around the area. The afternoon is when it opens to the public.

Monday to Friday - 2 to 7 pm
Saturday and Sunday - Noon to 7 pm

The Beacon Pool keeps an "unofficial" Facebook Group, where they often post their hours for the day. Hours don't generally vary unless something unexpected happens, like a thunderstorm or cleaning of the pool. If you're not on Facebook, you're out of luck in terms of updates. Which is why we would encourage the pool to develop a basic website to post their updates! Email Katie James Inc. for help... (wink wink).

Who Can Go? Only Beacon Residents?

Speaking of the public, anyone can go. Anyone from any city, town, county or state. You do not need to be a Beacon resident to go.

Where Is the Beacon Pool?

It's really hard to see from the street. In fact, you can't see from Route 9D - it's hidden behind trees and woods.

The Beacon Pool is located at the Park at The Settlement Camp, 724 Wolcott Ave., Beacon. It is across from the Craig House.

How Accessible Is the Pool?

The pool itself is 140 feet by 50 feet, and progresses in depth from 2 feet to 8 feet deep, making it perfect for swimmers and water lovers of all ages. You could step down and wade into the pool. There are steps available for those who need them, upon request.

The basic bathrooms on-site could serve as a changing room, but the floor is pretty wet from other swimmers, so change at home if you can.

So Sunny!

Mostly, the pool is in the sun. This year, new blue and white striped umbrellas provide some shade! The very end of the day is a great time to go - like after 5:30pm. Most likely, there will still be a line, but shade starts creeping in on the sides.