New Tattoo Parlor Moving to Main Street: Tree City Tattoo Opens This Friday

Just what is going on at 319 Main St.? We have a traditional, old-school tattoo parlor moving in, Tree City Tattoo! Larry Davis is the owner and sole artist who will be working out of Tree City Tattoo. Larry has over 30 years experience tattooing, and he runs another shop, Gateway Tattoo, over in Suffern, NY (Rockland County), where he is from.

The Beacon tattoo shop will feature a variety of well-known national and international guest artists. "I feel that Beacon and the Hudson Valley in general can and will support a rotating roster of some of tattooing's best artists. I set Tree City up like a traditional tattoo parlor, with a private studio feel." Beaconites and other ink fans on the Hudson's east side will have amazing opportunities to get a tattoo from a visiting artist we wouldn't see otherwise, because they're from another part of the country or the world!

Tree City Tattoo is on the same block as Binnacle Books and Get Frosted Cupcakery.  So after sitting through a session like a champ, you can treat yourself to something sweet!

Tree City Tattoo officially opens this Friday, June 24th. An official website is in the works, but you can check out and follow Larry Davis' work on Instagram at @treecitytattoo or @larrydavistattoo. To book an appointment, you can email him at or call (845) 765-8686.  Welcome to the neighborhood!