City Council Workshop Agendas For Meetings

All links and Agenda items listed here have been taken from the City of Beacon's public website and Agenda section here at this link.

10/23/2017 Workshop Meeting

Workshop Agenda Items

1.  Discussion of Zoning Amendments

6/26/2017 Workshop Meeting*

Workshop Agenda Items

*This Workshop has been postponed due to lack of a quorum.  

NEW DATE: July 3, 2017 in a combined City Council/Workshop Meeting.

1. Memorial Park Tennis Courts - Softball and Skateboarding
2. Acceptance of Dedication of a Portion of Judson Street
3. Kristy Drive Drainage Replacement
4. Chapter 191 Discussion
5. Milling and Paving Presentation
6. Award Recommendation for the Control and Telemetry Project for the Water Department

6/12/2017 Workshop Meeting

Workshop Agenda Items

1. Odor Control System        
2. Discussion of Cross-Connection Control Proposed Local Law        
3. Discussion Regarding the Recent Update to the Comprehensive Plan        
4. Main Street Parking 

Executive Session:
1. Matters Pertaining to Personnel