Where To Buy A Christmas Tree Near Beacon, NY

While the pictures taken below are from years ago when snow actually fell in December (not anymore it seems!), let them get you in the mood for where you can find a Christmas tree near Beacon, NY!

PS: Looking for Santa?

Find him near Beacon, NY - we got advance notice!

Find healthy wreaths ready for you to decorate at Sunny Gardens.

Sunny Gardens Christmas Tree lot at night.

We've got options, here in Beacon and in the surrounding areas. If you're a recent transport from NYC, then buying a Christmas tree from the lot at Home Depot on Rte. 9 (to the right off the I-84 ramp), or from the parking lot across from Walmart on Rte. 9 won't feel that much different from picking a tree from a lineup on Broadway at a pop-up Christmas tree shop. It's a convenient stop when picking up strands of lights and Martha Stewart shatter-proof house ornaments at Home Depot. You'll still be giddy putting it on top of your car.

However, if you want to go a more local route…


Buy a Christmas tree and wreaths from

Sunny Gardens Nursery

on 9D in Wappingers Falls. Sunny Gardens has a big selection of trees, wreaths, and hanging wreath balls with a woodsy decoration to them.


TIP: Fortunately, these trees sell out fast!

Location: 60 East Main St.

Beaconites can also buy a tree that benefits their fire department. To buy a tree from the Beacon Fire Department, you'll find the lot in


parking lot, which is on the east end of town near the mountain, just over Fishkill Creek. And if the volunteers in the Christmas tree lot are in the mood, someone just might deliver it to your house! Perfect for a dinner or late lunch and a beer at Dogwood, followed by a Christmas tree pickup.


Wednesdays - Fridays from 5pm-9pm

Saturdays & Sundays - 10am - 6pm


And of course, you can buy your Christmas tree from

Adams Fairacre Farms

Rte. 9 in Wappingers Falls. Adams offers a big selection of small or large trees, and walking through their tree nursery is always lovely at night.


Learn about 91 year old WWII Veteran, Ellsworth “Sparky” Wayman. Sparky sells Christmas trees from his New Windsor, NY home during the holiday season.

The Hudson Valley Women in Business group have decided to support this joy-giver and donate trees to local Hudson Valley families who cannot afford them otherwise. We reached out to Community Action Partnership in Poughkeepsie and Beacon to find households (with an emphasis on single-mother households) who are in need of trees.

Learn more from their GoFundMe page.

Happy Holidays!