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Job Listing

from 60.00

List a job on A Little Beacon Blog. This package is only available to Job Listings, and no other type of advertising. Please see our Media Kit for ad campaign opportunities that fit your needs.


$60: List It!
+ This simple listing adds your job listing to A Little Beacon Blog.

$150: List It With My Logo!
+ Get the simple listing above, PLUS get your logo added to our promotion of it!
+ Instagram Share! We’ll shout about it on our Instagram.


  • Description: Before purchasing this Job Listing, you will be directed to a form to provide us with details.

  • Logo: If you get the $150 Level, you can email your logo if you have one to

  • Duration: 1 month. If you would like to promote the Job Listing through Social Media and the Newsletter again, you can return to this product page and purchase it again.

Thank you! We look forward to promoting your job and helping someone get hired.

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