Beacon public SChools' Fundraising guide

On what seems like a weekly basis, your neighbors' and friends' kids in Beacon, NY, are selling wrapping paper or jumping rope, or collecting pennies or running through colorful powder, all to raise crucial funds for their schools, so all Beacon students can do fun extra stuff. Fundraising and benefit event opportunities are always going on inside and around the Beacon City Schools. We want to make sure you know about them, because these events can be easy, fun ways to help kids in the Beacon City School system enjoy unique opportunities. Usually these are held by the school PTO/A (Parent Teacher Organization/Association) or PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization, so-named when students are also involved). We'll include other organizations and events that are raising money that is donated directly to the public schools for initiatives, events, supplies, programs, etc.

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Everyday Ways to Donate

These donation methods cost you nothing:

  • Box Tops: These are the purple squares on many food packages (or even toilet paper!) that you can cut or rip off and send in with a child to their school. Don't have a child in the district? Save a bunch and give them to a neighbor child who you know! Even the Howland Public Library has a collection spot for these; it looks like a mailbox.

South Avenue Elementary PTA

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Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now

Amazon Percentage of Sale: Every time you shop at Amazon, you could be sending the South Avenue PTA a commission, so to speak, of the sale. This is an easy way to donate that costs you nothing. Need a new broom? Buy it on Amazon and a percentage of the sale goes to South Avenue.
Learn More About Signing Up For the Program

Fundraising Goals:

  • Recess equipment: The PTA will purchase items like basketballs, hula hoops and sidewalk chalk for playground use.
  • Funding for classroom supplies: As teacher budgets are slashed in the district, the PTA will contribute more to teachers’ classroom needs.
  • School assemblies: This year, we’ll bring in more special events that inspire arts-based learning.
  • Playground enhancement: Raising money for a shaded pavilion on the playground that would function as an outdoor classroom.

Sargent Elementary PTO

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Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

Discount cards - Good until November 2018! Buy a $10 card now to receive discounts at: Key Food, Beacon Pantry, Mountain Tops, Accuprint Pack-n-Ship, Salon Arje, Beacon Bath & Bubble, Abscission Barber Lounge, Chill Wine Bar, Artisan Wine Shop, Beacon Car Wash, Utensil, Glazed Over, Gino's Italian Ice, and Brother's Trattoria!

Fundraising Goals:

  • Creating exciting and inspiring assemblies and field trips

  • A beautification project focused on aesthetically improving the school inside and out! (Next up, auditorium!) 

  • Continued improvements to the recess experience to make the area more engaging and inclusive for all students. 

  • Continued donations to the Calico Ball, hosting four family fun nights, hosting a Thanksgiving luncheon for the local seniors, adding to the 5th grader Legacy Tile Wall, hosting a teacher appreciation luncheon, giving each staff member a small gift, and performing community outreach to Sargent families and staff.

J.V. Forrestal Elementary PTSO


    Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

    JVF Project Fit

    JV Forrestal School is a finalist in the latest Project Fit Grant Contest.

    JVF NEEDS YOUR VOTES! Help JVF students win new playground fitness equipment and Physical Education equipment for their school! Vote once per day, per email address. Click on the link below for JV Forrestal Elementary:
    Cast your vote here! 

    JVF Food Pantry Wish List: The JVF Food Pantry is in need of everything except canned goods right now. 

    The pantry could use: juice boxes, bottles of juice, pasta, pasta sauce, boxed macaroni and cheese, cereal, pancake mix, jars of peanut butter and jelly, crackers, individually wrapped snacks, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, soaps, and household cleaning products.

    Fundraising Goals:

    • Supporting JVF teachers both financially and with volunteer assistance as needed. 

    • Bringing assemblies and other enriching events into the school.

    • Helping teachers plan and pay for field trips.

    • Improving the school playgrounds.

    • Supporting Hudson Valley Seed’s school garden program

    Glenham Elementary PTO


    Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

    • Stay tuned!

    Fundraising Goals:

    • Sponsoring events like Family Fun Night, Watermelon Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

    Rombout MIddle School PTSO


    Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

    • Read on below for the Wizards Game details!

    Fundraising goals:

    • Four to six tables to go outside the cafeteria doors, so students can earn the privilege of eating outside. They would also like to raise money for benches to be put in front of the building in the bus drop-off area.
      Donate directly to their GoFundMe campaign >

    Beacon High School PTSO


    Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now

    The Wizards are coming! The trick team will play/perform on Friday, February 23, at 7 pm at the Beacon High School gym. Watch teachers and community members play against the Harlem Wizards! At a Wizards game, fans will witness amazing basketball talent combined with hilarious comedy. It's two hours of family time where parents, grandparents, and kids can all laugh together. 

    This fundraising event is hosted by the Rombout Middle School PTO, Beacon High School PTSO, and the National Honor Society.
    Facebook Event Page
    Buy Tickets

    Fundraising Goals:

    • Continued Awesomeness

    Beacon Arts & Education Foundation


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    The Beacon Arts & Education Foundation (BAEF) is a coalition of parents, educators, businesses and other organizations that raise funds through private donations and grants to support a more comprehensive education for the students of the Beacon City School District (BCSD).

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