Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens for People in Need in Beacon

One of the first meals served in the new
Soup Kitchen at the Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G at 483 Main Street.
Photo Credit: Tabernacle Church of Christ.

The Salvation Army's restructuring of its soup kitchen prompted a fresh look at food pantries and soup kitchens in the area, and the opening of a new one. While these sources are on the radar for many, including the Sloop Club who hosts an annual event in December to raise money for pantries, donating to food pantries and soup kitchens may not be at the top of the list for others. Furthermore, food pantries can go underused, according to Deaconess D. Williams of Springfield Baptist Church, who says: "Many miss out because they simply don't know that help is available."
This Thanksgiving, we have organized a list of sources for people to donate to and eat from.

If you organize a food pantry or soup kitchen, or provide free meals in another way, please email this information to to be considered for this list. 

Whether you are looking for a warm meal, canned goods, or friendly community, or you’re in a position to help by donating food or time, the following organizations in and near Beacon would love to see you. Contact organizers for information about the most up-to-date ways to participate.


Soup Kitchen

Organized rapidly this November and already served its first meal, this soup kitchen is open to all and serves a hot meal. Several organizations pitched in, including Common Ground Farm, My Bread Is Your Bread, Dutchess Outreach, Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G, and In Care of.


The Beacon Community Kitchen
Tabernacle of Christ A/G Church
483 Main Street
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES - Free Meals  
11am-12pm Monday - Thursday

Coordinators for eating or donating:
Candi Rivera and Kundi Glasson: (845) 728-8196

Currently seeking donations for commercial-grade stove and refrigerator. For the interim, Ella's Bellas has donated a household refrigerator until the commercial-grade version is secured.
To Volunteer:

Beacon Soup Kitchen- providing lunches, love & warmth to the people of our wonderful Beacon community.
All are welcome!

Once again the joyous Christmas season is upon us. In preparation for the same, we would like to brighten the lives of those in our community less fortunate than us with a care bag that will get them through the holiday.

For those interested, we are looking for the following items:

Vienna sausages (pork/chicken in the can), Tuna, Skippy Singles Peanut Butter Cups, Fruit cups, Ritz crackers/premium crackers (unsalted)(indiv wrapped), juice boxes, hot cocoa packs, travel size toothpaste, shampoo & lotion, Cold Cereals (indiv. portions), Parmalat milk (small indiv containers), hot cereals packets, Chef Boyardee (indiv cans), peanuts (indiv packages), bottled water (indiv btles), Jello, Mac & Cheese (box), Ramen Noodles, Granola Bars.


Welcome Table Soup Kitchen

Photo Credit: First Presbyterian Church.

First Presbyterian Church
50 Liberty Street
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES Free Meals  
10-12pm Fridays and Saturdays. In the summer, you may spot the Green Teens' green bus selling very affordable produce from the parking lot.
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Rose Quirk: (845) 600-5389

Seniors Feeding Seniors Ministry
Free meals and baked goods for seniors
Springfield Baptist Church
8 Mattie Cooper Square
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES - Free Meals
The last Saturday of each month at 12pm. 
DAYS/TIMES - Baked Goods
Every Wednesday (845) 813-4093
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Penny Jackson:

Senior Program
Salvation Army, Beacon Corps

Salvation Army Beacon Corps
372 Main Street
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES Free Meals for Seniors
Tuesday & Thursday, 11-1:30pm
DAYS/TIMES for Donation of Food
Tuesday - Thursday by using the back door by the parking lot. Not the side door by the bank's parking lot, but the very back door directly behind the church. Walk straight back and step over the chain that blocks cars from short-cutting through to avoid the light, or if by car, use the Fishkill Ave. / Rt. 52 entrance. 

The Salvation Army in the church at 372 Main Street, which is in the middle of town across the street from the Yankee Clipper Diner, recently restructured its soup kitchen to be open to senior citizens only. 

Pastor Kisser studied the people walking into the church, and noticed that in Beacon's current renaissance, the fastest-growing demographic using the service was seniors. Pastor Kisser explains: "Due to budget constraints, the cook for the soup kitchen was let go, and the program director and the seniors stepped in to volunteer to help feed each other. The program continues to feed 20-25 seniors per session on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-1:30pm." Earlier this week, the kitchen served its Thanksgiving meal to seniors, who enjoy the community time with each other. 

Important to the Salvation Army is helping people eat in groups for social interaction. While the soup kitchen program is dedicated to seniors, during the Thanksgiving season, the Salvation Army does offer food vouchers to all people. Says Pastor Kisser: "In an effort to preserve the family, we give out vouchers to enable families to buy food at their own grocery stores and prepare it at home so that the family can sit down together in their own environment."

Coordinator for eating or for donating: Rhode: (845) 831-1253
Seniors should call or walk in to sign up for the program. 
Donations of food can be made Tuesdays - Thursdays by using the back door off the parking lot.

Financial donations can be made online and designated to Beacon, as well as answering the seasonal mail that comes. When you designate Beacon, the location at 372 Main Street is the recipient. And of course, when you see the bright red kettles at supermarkets, money goes to your local Salvation Army. You could also drop off a check at any time to the building.



Beacon Soup Kitchen- providing lunches, love & warmth to the people of our wonderful Beacon community.
All are welcome


St. Andrew’s Food Pantry
St. Andrew’s Church
17 South Avenue, Beacon
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
10am-11am Saturdays
Contact for eating or for donating: 
Pat Lassiter: (845) 831-4711

St. Luke's and St. Andrews Food Pantry
Contact for eating or for donating:
Rev. John F. Williams: (845) 831-2643

Salvation Army, Beacon Corps
372 Main Street
Beacon, NY
The emergency food pantry is open to all.
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
Starting at 9am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Appointments are required. 
Call to make an appointment, or stop in:
(845) 831-1253
DAYS/TIMES - Donations of Food
Can be made Tuesdays - Thursdays by using the back door off the parking lot.

Springfield Baptist Church
Food pantry
Springfield Baptist Church
8 Mattie Cooper Square
Beacon, NY
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Deaconess Joan Cook:

Food Pantry
New Vision Church of Deliverance
831 Route 52
Fishkill, NY
This food pantry serves fresh produce from Common Ground Farm. Says Common Ground: "Fresh produce is tough to find at food pantries because it is perishable, so it doesn't store as long as canned foods or dry goods. But of course, it is much healthier (and tastier). That's why we harvest that same day and deliver directly to our pantry partners."  This pantry is in Fishkill, NY, and is a few doors from the diner, on Beacon's side of I-84.
11am Thursdays 

Fishkill Food Pantry
First Reformed Church
1153 Main Street
Fishkill, NY (just before Route 9)
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
Monday - Thursday 9am to 12pm
Tuesdays: open until 2pm
Contact for eating or for donating: To access the pantry, make an appointment by calling (845) 896-4546. Call the same number to donate or volunteer. 

Faith Temple Church
22 N. Cedar Street
Beacon, NY 12508
DAYS/TIMES - Free Meals
1st & 3rd Sunday

I Am Beacon
While not a food pantry, it is a source that delivers food to people in need during Thanksgiving. Key Food is a major partner in this drive, by way of collecting donations and storing turkeys until they are delivered.

A very special thanks for the rapid responses of organizers on the eve of Thanksgiving to compile this article:

  • Catherine Sweet of A Little Beacon Blog for pounding the keyboard and making phone calls to find programs. 
  • Joyce Hanson with the Beacon Sloop Club for delivering information on food pantries in the area. Beacon Sloop Club is hosting a Cajun Holiday Party fundraiser with proceeds going to the Beacon Food Pantry and Beacon Sloop Club. Read about this and other upcoming events in A Little Beacon Blog's Annual Events Guide.  
  • Deaconess D. Williams of Springfield Baptist Church for clarifying and providing contact information.
  • Kundi Glasson for helping to rapidly organize the Soup Kitchen at Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G and providing its newest details as they develop.