How Can Acupuncture Help Me? Free Intro From Health Mind Body Acupuncture

Have you ever wondered how Acupuncture works and if it's good for you?

Come to this free intro to Acupuncture, stay for an optional tune up. Enjoy the ability to choose from several discount packages for on-going treatments in Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation, Polarity Therapy and herbal consultation if you wish after the talk.  

Maryam Mehrjui, RN, Lac, founder of Heart Body Mind Acupuncture gives an introduction on how acupuncture works, what conditions respond well to acupuncture, what can one expect in a session and some tips on handy pressure points for pains and aches.  

Bring your questions and stay for auricular acupuncture, great for relaxation, detox and rejuvenation.