Host Your Pop-Up Shop
291 Main Street, A LIttle Beacon Space

A Little Beacon Blog is the first and only publication to dedicate a Guide to promoting Pop-Up Shops in the area. These types of shopping events are vital to making designers, artisans, and makers more accessible to the community. Pop-Up Shops also contribute to an exciting economy. Now we've taken it a step further, and opened up our Space to be a venue to how your Pop-Up Shop or experience.

Combine with other artisans, or host a solo show. A Little Beacon Space is designed to be spacious and fluid for a shopping experience. Located in the middle of Beacon at 291 Main Street in one of Beacon's most historic buildings, The Telephone Building, our venue has 2 storefront windows overlooking the street and is the first room inside of the building, and an easy room to configure to set shop.

We want your shop to succeed. So we built in ways that A Little Beacon Blog can help promote your pop-up shop when it's hosted in our Space.

  • Banner Ad: A display ad on the side column of every page of our website.
  • Listing on our Schedule Page.
  • Listing on our Home Page.
  • Listing with your flyer in our Pop-Up Shop Guide.
  • Listing in our newsletter with other sponsors. See this example at the bottom.
  • Listing in our flyer case outside (see picture below).
  • 2 Storefront Windows: Decorate! Bring sparkly lights!
  • OPEN Sign: Lights up in the dark.
  • OPEN Signs for the front doors to attract people in.
  • Banner placed in front and side window with the dates of your show 1 week in advance.
  • Sidewalk Sign: Place your sign out front on the sidewalk with your flyer to help people know they are in the right place. Additionally, hang your flyer on the front door of A Little Beacon Space as a final anchor point to bringing people in the door.
  • Media List: We'll give you a list of recommended publications to reach out to about your event to help you get publicity for it.


  • 10 blue folding chairs
  • 1 long black table (seats up to 12 people)
  • 2 ivory faux leather high-back chairs
  • 75" wide projector screen
  • 1 coffee table (seats up to 6 people)
  • Bar (seats up to 4 people)
  • 2 black stools (good for use at bar)
  • 2 high desk chairs (good for use at bar)
  • Wine glasses for small gatherings
  • Mini-fridge with icebox (in room)
  • Wine & Beer openers
  • French and Tea Presses
  • Set of 8 china plates and mugs
  • 3 serving platters
  • Water cooler (a glass water jug with spout)
  • 2 short glass vases
  • Full length mirror
  • Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • Air-conditioner
  • In-building recycling and food composting

To run a pop-up shop here, you'll need a few things:

  • Liability Insurance Per Vendor: If you have liability insurance, please add our company to it. Specifics will be in your contract. Alternatively, temporary insurance is available for $39 for 3 days through ACT Insurance. It's easy to start and you can buy it online. 
  • Contract: We'll send you a contract that outlines nitty gritty stuff, like what kind of decorations to bring, how to hang things, and what to do if it snows.
  • Payment: Once you're good with the above and we've settled on an available date, your reservation for the space will be made once you complete payment, which can happen from this page. Scroll down and select the Pop-Up Shop option.
  • Event Checklist: Our Event Manager will open and close for you, and will give you an easy breezy checklist to follow, like how to turn on the sparkly overhead lights, where the bathroom is, contact phone numbers, etc. Our Event Managers are artists, and can even be commissioned to illustrate your sidewalk sign (it actually is harder and more time consuming than it seems).

1. Sales Split
Pop-Up Shops can be risky, but fun. They let designers and merchants try out new products or art with new audiences. We want to help make that happen. For pop-up shops, we offer a 70%/30% (you get 70%) split of sales with a downpayment of $300. Sales would be deducted from the downpayment, and additional sales paid at the end of your event. In this scenario, A Little Beacon Blog takes more of a partner role and does extra promotion for you, including a dedicated article, Facebook share, and extra Instagram marketing.

Please Contact Us with your idea to consider. Please include website, social handles, following, and your ideas for marketing.

2. Flat Rate
If you're feeling pretty confident, and want to pay a clean, flat rate, then you can with the $650 rate for the 3-day package for pop-ups.

Both options are below for you to select from.

Book A Little Beacon Space
from 50.00
Day Length:
Add To Cart


Monday - Friday

Dependent upon type of meeting

Half Day
9am - 3pm
3pm - 10pm
$250 Monday-Thursday
$350 Friday-Sunday

Full Day
8am - 10pm
$450 Monday-Thursday
$550 Friday-Sunday

3 Full Day Pop-Up Shop Combo
8am - 10pm
Book the whole weekend, Friday-Sunday, and get each day for a discounted rate of $250/Full Day.

Pop-Up Shops can be risky, but fun. They let designers and merchants try out new products or art with new audiences. We want to help make that happen.

Yoga and fitness instructors who would like to host a pop-up work out session called #DropNGiveMe20. If you're interested in leading this series, please Contact Us.