Thank you for your interest in booking A Little Beacon Space, at 291 Main Street, the First Door on the First Floor, in Beacon, NY. Please answer each question in this form. This will serve as your contract between what is hereinafter known as “THE SPACE” at 291 Main Street and your entity. Once you submit this contract and payment in full, the The Space will be reserved for you, and is non-refundable. If you need to change the date after this booking, you may do so.

You are renting The Space under the following terms:

Name *
From when to when, including setup and breakdown time.
Insurance *
Because there are so many people moving in and out of the space during your popup event, we do require liability insurance from each participating vendor.
Our Staff Opening and Closing *
A representative from Katie James, Inc. will open and close The Space for you at the beginning and end of each day. Please do not leave until our representative has locked the building and set the alarm.
Representative on Premisis *
The Space must be attended at all times by one of your representatives during your occupation period. You will not have a key to the door, and cannot leave the building with the room unlocked.
Things About the Room *
• If the weather is cold outside, please keep the main front door closed. • Close and Lock the window every night if you open it. • Window lights can stay on overnight, but all other interior lights please turn off.
Parking *
The parking lot in the back is reserved for building tenants only. You can use the driveway to unload your inventory, and then please move your car to street parking. South Brett Street often has available street parking, as does Main Street.
Moving In and Out of the Building *
• To prevent Building damage, please use the provided wooden shims to prop open the Front Door and use care when moving furnishings and inventory into and out of The Space. • Close the front door after you are done moving something in.
Furniture and Fixtures *
• Furniture that you bring in is permitted. Please prop open both building doors when doing this to prevent breaking or damaging the doors. • You may not move or otherwise rearrange anything on the wall of A Little Beacon Space. Please do not touch the flowers or vases on the wall, or anything on shelves. • Flowers on the Wall: Please do not replace the flowers on the wall in the wall vases. These vases are fragile and could break. We also don’t want you getting that high on a ladder! • You may use and move around all of A Little Beacon Blog’s furniture as needed, with the exception of the artwork on the wall, the writing on the chalkboards, the bar, the shelving by the bar, and the overhead lights cannot be moved or changed. • Please move the furniture back to the original position when leaving. When moving furniture, please exercise caution not to scratch the floor.
Wall Hangings *
Wall hanging is permitted in The Space with Velcro safe strips indicated in the link below. We use the following brands: 3M or Command. Other Velcro will rip the paint off the walls. The only velcro strips we allow are these:
Windows *
Window decorating is available to you. You may tape decorations to the windows inside of the office on the glass only. Do not tape on the paint of the molding around the windows. You may also tape decorations to the front door in a minimal fashion. Two signs can go on the front door: o a sign with the shop’s Open dates o an OPEN sign Katie James, Inc. will provide these signs. Katie James, Inc. reserves the right to review your decoration artwork and show flyer and not approve it if does not fall with The Telephone Building’s design standards and policies. Katie James, Inc. can guide you in a direction that will work. Taped decoration is permitted on the window glass inside the Space. Please do not put tape on the woodwork. Katie James, Inc. will post two signs on the Building’s Front Door identifying the Pop-Up Event calendar and an OPEN sign. No other signs are permitted on the Building Front Door.
Chalkboard Walls *
Please ask Katie before erasing anything from the chalkboards on the walls. If using chalk on the walls, please only use the chalk we have provided you in the office. Do not use any other chalk, including chalk markers, oil based chalk, etc., as those will stain the chalkboard and requires us to repaint it.
Sidwalk Sign *
• Sidewalk Sign: A sidewalk sign has been made available to you. • Sidewalk Sign Chalk: Please only use the Crayola chalk we have provided to you in the office. Any other type of chalk will stain the chalkboard. Please do not use chalk markers, oil based chalk or any other chalk other than what has been provided to you by us in the office.
Sidwalk Sign Art *
If you would like to commission an artist to do your sidewalk sign, you can purchase that services through A Little Beacon Space. Just let us know and we will send you an invoice and arrange it with the artist.
Flyer *
If you want public promotion, please provide a flyer for the Bulletin Board Box on the front of the Building two weeks prior to the event. Please provide 2 sizes that we can use depending on how crowded the box is: 8.5”x11” and 5”x7”.
Open Sign *
You may use our OPEN sign in the window, that is comprised of four individual letters that light up. Each letter takes 2 AAA batteries. Remove the letters from the window each night, and turn the battery off each night.
Food & Drink *
• Finger food, snacks and hors d’oeuvres are permitted in The Space. • Alcohol is not permitted to be sold in The Space. It can be served, however, and given away to people in The Space. They cannot leave the space with drinks in their hands. • Catering bringing in warming plates is not permitted.
Trash *
You are responsible for removing all trash from The Space at the end of your occupancy. Please be prepared to bring trash bags so that you can carry the trash with you. The building's trash cans are not available for your use.
Restrooms *
You may use the building’s restrooms, but we ask that the public not be told about the restrooms. This is a private building and the owner does not want people in the building unattended.
Cleaning *
We ask that you leave the space the way that you found it. Please do your best to tidy the space. For example: if coffee was spilled on the wall, please wipe it down. • Cleaning Fee: If there is an unreasonable mess left behind, we will need to hire a cleaning service to clean for $150. This fee will be charged to you after the event if it is needed (usually it is not!). We know you will do your best, but if too much has been spilled on, we will speak with you after the event.
Wear and Tear *
• Repair Fee: Accidents happen, and we know you will do your best to protect everything. But if damage is done to the walls, furniture, artwork, the floor, the windows, or anything in the office or the other areas of The Telephone Building, we will need to get an assessment and invoice you for the damage. We will bill you to replace or to fix whatever broke or was damaged. • Painting Fee: If the walls are damaged, either to the paint and/or the plaster, we will need to hire a painter to fix it. We will need to bill you for the repaint and any repair to the walls, and will send that as an invoice. • If damage occurs, we will speak to you first to come to an understanding.
Snow Removal *
The Building’s contractor provides periodic snow shoveling on the sidewalk and plows the parking lot at times dictated by a snow storm. A shovel, broom and salt bin are located just inside the Building’s front door for tenant’s use should you need it if it's a heavy snowfall and just keeps coming.
Promotion *
A benefit to booking your event with us is that it is inside the office of one of Beacon's favorite online news and entertainment sources. We can list your event on our public Schedule page, as well as our Facebook page. This also gets promoted in our weekly newsletter. If you create a Facebook page for this event, please add A Little Beacon Blog as a co-host so that it can show up to our subscribers as well.
Once you compete this contract, you will taken back to this page where you can book the space with payment. This is non-refundable, but the date can be moved should you need a change.
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