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"A Little Beacon Space"
Event Space Rental for Meetings, Retreats, Pop-Ups
291 Main Street, Beacon NY

A Little Beacon Space was perfect for our meeting and contained everything needed for a series of presentations. The renting process couldn’t have been more simple, both before and during the event; everyone was extremely helpful. I highly recommend A Little Beacon Space.
— David Rogers, Blue Bite

Located in the heart of downtown Beacon in the historic Telephone Building at 291 Main Street, A Little Beacon Space is an inspiring venue to work from. Our private room of 500sq feet is designed to be a connection point with people. Sunlight pours into the office in the morning from the eastern window facing S. Brett Street, while you can look out onto Main Street from the two storefront windows. Natural lighting fills our event space during the day, with warm lighting on the inside during the evening.

Known as a destination for retreats, meetings, client gatherings, pop-up shops and events, photo shoots, people are always asking: “What’s happening next at A Little Beacon Space?” Businesses host their retreats and meetings in our venue, including edible Hudson Valley, ClassPass, Kingston Creative, Corrado’s Tile & Design Center, Artifact Beacon, 90’s Vintage Mania, and many others.

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- Happy Renters -

Renting this space was perfect for our small, creative company retreat. We had everything we needed to have a productive day, and the expectations were clearly laid out ahead of time in a transparent way. There’s great parking (not always a given in Beacon), and you’re in the thick of things when it comes to walking around after your event is over. 5/5, will retreat there for meetings again.
— Alex Panagiotopoulos, Kingston Creative

Meetings & Retreats

Arrange the furniture any way you need to. Two conference room tables are in the space. The room seats 25 and can fit a few more standing. A projector is available to show your stuff.


Pour your wine from our custom designed bar while your guests enjoy their time at your gathering. A mini-fridge with icebox is in the room for your convenience, along with platters and plates.

Pop-Up Shops

Shopping from hard to find designers has been part of what makes Beacon special. A Little Beacon Blog is the first and only publication to offer a pop-up shop venue devoted to these stores. Rental of our space connects customers with designers.

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I had a holiday pop-up at The Little Beacon Space and it exceeded my expectations! Katie and her staff were more than accommodating and helped make our weekend-long market a huge success. Hosting this pop-up at The Little Beacon Space helped me gain exposure through LBB’s amazing and thoughtful article (included with your rental!), while also allowing me to grow my audience locally and test-run my shopkeeper skills for the future. It’s a low pressure, high reward situation and I highly recommend it.
— Carolyn Baccaro


  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Events & Networking

  • Client Gatherings

  • Client Presentations

  • Photo Shoots (tons of natural light)

  • Film Screenings

  • Wine or Food Tastings

  • Musical Presentations


Much as we would like to, we cannot host the following types of events, due to insurance reasons:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Weddings

Included In The Space


  • 2 Conference Tables (103”x37.5”)

  • Bar

  • 25 Chairs


  • Air-Conditioner

  • Bathrooms in Building

  • Electrical Outlets


  • Epson Projector: EX3240/EX7240 Pro. It has the following cables: USB, HDMI, VGA, Audio. We have a BOSE bluetooth speaker in the room, but also have plug-in computer speakers if anyone’s bluetooth acts up.

  • 75" Screen

  • White Board

  • Paper Easel (including a few glitter markers). Looks like this with adjustable legs.

  • Bose Bluetooth speaker

  • Computer plug-in speakers for those who are Bluetooth challenged


  • Mini-Fridge

  • Wine & Beer Openers

  • Wine glasses for small gatherings

  • 3 Serving Platters

  • Full Length Mirror

See below for our list of recommended places to bring in coffee for a group, lunches and hotel ideas!

Promotional Perks

Events that are open to the public come with built-in exposure on A Little Beacon Blog, the online newspaper covering Beacon and beyond, reaching readers with 21,500 views/month. Event gets listed in our Schedule on this website, as an event our Facebook with over 3,600 followers, Instagram with 4.025 followers, and included in our newsletter, reaching 1,525 subscribers.

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Helping You Plan - Food & Coffee Ideas

The Space does not come with food or coffee, but we can point you in the right direction to find it and bring it back. You can bring in food for large parties, but not with fire-lit warmers. Cheese plates, lots of sandwiches and desserts, that sort of thing. A Little Beacon Space is located in the middle of Beacon, so any food destination is equal location. All addresses and descriptions can be found in our Restaurant Guide at A Little Beacon Blog.

Closest to A Little Beacon Space:
Beacon Pantry
Serves Stumptown coffee in a disposable to-go box or a permanent one you can return. Beacon Pantry has a cafe with seating, and has a marketplace/catering side. Serves croissants and things.
Call: 845-765-1933.

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters
Roasters of their own coffee. Serves muffins and things.
Located across the street from Beacon Pantry. They list their Contact Us page as the preferred way to contact.

Closest to The Roundhouse, near the mountain:
Trax Coffee Roasters
Roasters of their own coffee. Serves muffins and things.
Call 845-765-8400
PS: We wrote about Trax here!

Closest to the MTA train station:
Bank Square Coffeehouse
By the same owners as Trax. Coffee comes from Coffee Labs Roasters and Trax. Serves muffins and things.
Call (845) 440-7165

Closest to A Little Beacon Space. Recommended for packaged breakfasts brought back to The Space. There are other options for going out to Breakfast. See ALBB's Restaurant Guide for options:
All You Knead Bakery
For people who love carbs. Delicious, generously berried blueberry muffins, chocolate croissants, samosas, and more.

Serves granola, yogurt, oatmeal, and other breakfasty things. You could also order coffee there.
Call: 845-831-5096

Mr. V's Deli
One of Beacon's oldest and most loved delis. They make the rules, you try to follow them. Really good egg sandwiches. Piping hot. One block away from A Little Beacon Space.
Call: 845-838-0008

Closest to A Little Beacon Space. Recommended for packaged lunches brought back to The Space. There are other options for going out to Lunch. See ALBB's Restaurant Guide for options:

Royal Crepes
Serves salads, savory crepes with cheese and meats, and of course chocolate. One block away from A Little Beacon Space.
Call: 845-831-6200

Serves salads, sandwiches, amazing soups, and offers different plates for nibbling that can include hummas and other dipping food. Ask about their carrot cake.
Call: 845-831-5096

The Roundhouse
Good for large parties. Has their own restaurant and lounge, and is close to other restaurants like Dogwood and Sukhothai. Close to the mountain side of town (away from the train).

The Inn and Spa at Beacon
Good for smaller parties. Has their own spa services and rooftop experience. Nearby to restaurants like Kitchen Sink, Meyers Olde Dutch (MOD, a burger joint) and Beacon Bread Company. Close to the train side of town. Grab a bottle of wine from Artisan on your way down to A Little Beacon Space!

The Beacon Hotel
Good for smaller parties. Has their own restaurant on street level. Also close to other restaurants including The Vault and BAJA 328. Located closer to the mountain side of town.

The Hilton Gardens in Fishkill
Great for large parties. Very nice hotel. Requires a car to get here. Lots of people stay there who are visiting Beacon. We know because we have stayed there too when family comes to visit and have chatted with folks. Just one exit away from Beacon.

The Hampton Inn in Fishkill
This will work just fine for large parties. Located near the Hilton Gardens.

Do not stay at the Ramada in Fishkill. Let's just say they haven't renovated in a while.


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There is plenty to do in Beacon! And you’re at the right place to find out about all of it. A Little Beacon Space is the headquarter office for A Little Beacon Blog, an online newspaper covering Beacon. We keep the best Guides around of Shopping, Restaurants and Art Galleries. Get write-up, addresses and phone numbers.