Beacon Music Factory Summer Camp 2019

Beacon Music Factory is an out-of-the-box music school and performance venue in the Hudson Valley, with a roster of more than 12 teachers and nearly 200 students of all ages. Students can join a rock band, sing in a choir, play in a string chamber group, and pick up a wide variety of instruments. They offer private lessons, group classes, and a wide range of workshops in rock, folk, jazz, and classical for beginners and pros. Beacon Music Factory also organizes concerts and music festivals.

Beacon Rock Camp

Rockers will be put into groups with other kids of similar ages and skill levels. Join a band. In our Rock Band Boot Camp for teens you start playing together on the very first day and you don't stop. It doesn't matter how much or how little experience you have. You'll learn how to rock out with others. While making music with your peers in the rehearsal studio, you'll get better at your instrument and develop your skills—and your swagger.
At the end of each rock camp session you will put on a show that parents, family and friends are invited to attend.
 There is much more to read (and videos to watch) on our website:

Ages: Tweens & Teens
Dates for 2019: Weeks of July 8 | July 15
Times: 10am-3pm
Flexibility: No
Price: $335

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