Storm King Art Center
1 Museum Rd
New Windsor NY 12553


Widely celebrated as one of the world’s leading sculpture parks, Storm King Art Center has welcomed visitors from across the globe for more than fifty years. It is located only 13 miles away (about 30 minutes) from Beacon across the Newburgh bridge, in the lower Hudson Valley, where its 500-acre landscape of fields, hills, and woodlands provides the setting for a collection of more than 100 carefully sited sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time. Storm King Art Center offers Family Memberships (which includes their Member Discount Program at local Hudson Valley hotels, restaurants and more throughout the Hudson Valley) and Summer Camps, both of which make accessing all of its programs and landscapes much more unique and part of your Hudson Valley living.

Family Membership

Visiting Storm King as a family is a great way to create an enriching day by walking under and around magnificent sculptures and experience unlike at any museum. Parking is FREE, so it's easy to get there. While the day rate of admission is available, a Family Membership makes visiting Storm King more than once very affordable. Membership includes several benefits, and for only $125 for the year for the whole family (it's sort of a no-brainer, with admission for Adults being $18 and children over four $8).


Save $15 on the Family Membership, making it $110 for two adults and four children. Mention BEACON when you call in order to get the discount. And remember, if you go to check it out and pay the admission fee, if you decide to be a member that day, they will apply your admission fee to the price of the Family Membership, thereby reducing it.

Membership Benefits:

  • Free visits for 2 adults and up to 4 children
  • Exploration of the grounds during the off-season and non-public hours
  • Access to exclusive private viewings and events such as Storm King's popular Winter Walks and Member Mornings (Member Mornings are weekends from 9-10am, and have a different theme each time, such as a mini concert of a string quartet, yoga, meditation, a tour of a new exhibit, all of this followed by free coffee from 10-11am).
  • Free Admission for two at the Whitney Museum of American Art (for when you want to spend the day in New York City away from the kids) 
  • Local Discounts via the Member Discount Program at Hudson Valley hotels, restaurants and more throughout the Hudson Valley.
  • Trying it out? Come for the day and pay regular admission. If you decide you love it, go to the Visitor's Center and they will deduct your admission paid for the day and apply towards yearly membership! Or if you've been before and know that the yearly membership is right for you, sign up now online.

Free Classes & Events At Storm King Art Center for Members

All classes and events at Storm King are included with admission, but as a member, you have free admission any time. Children and Family Programs are held every Sunday at 1pm. In addition to regular tours happening each day, take a look at what special events you can attend:


Going on now, Storm King offers one-time, as well as repeating events:


  • Beekeeper Tours: every Saturday at 1pm and 2pm
  • Outdoor Yoga: every Saturday at 10:15am
  • Highlights Tours: Daily at 1pm when Storm King is open
  • Children and Families Programs: Every Sunday. Can include workshops like Making Monochromatic Prints, Branch Sculpture or Meadow Mazes.

5/21/17: Ladybug Release
5/27/17: Wanderings & Wonderings: Amelia Bande

6/4/17: Family Council Event: Picnic
6/9/17: Moonlit Walking Tour
6/10/17: Music: Ferry Godmother
6/17/17: Summer Solstice Celebration
6/30/17: Summer Fridays Music: Decora

7/2/17: Children and Families: BioBus +  Storm King
7/14/17: Member Event: Summer Fridays Happy Hour
7/14/17: Summer Fridays: Sunset Music & Sketching
7/21/17: Summer Fridays: Sunset Music & Sketching
7/29/17: Wanderings & Wonderings: Zavé G. Martohardjono

Summer Camp

Summer camp at Storm King Art Center is a special opportunity that can only happen in New York. Living so close to such an enrichment center puts an awe-inspiring experience at your fingertips. Says one parent:

The week at Storm King was really incredible. Sadie had agreed to participate reluctantly.  She asked several friends to join her but none were able.  One said, “It’s not my thing.” Another was busy. Art is a stretch for Sadie and I think she [too] would say “it’s not my thing.” What I saw happen over the course of the week was a shift in her perspective.  We had some great conversations on our 30 minute ride each morning and evening:  What is art?  What constitutes art? By the end of the week she was asking if we could come back some time, because there were pieces of art that she wanted to sit under that she hadn’t had a chance to. I think she realized that her art and her journal were incredibly impressive and it wasn’t about how it compared to the other participants. Sadie really expanded her feelings about art and found that she liked it. I wanted to let you know that it had a powerful impact on her, perhaps life changing in some way.
— From a parent of a camper from 2016's Art of Scientific Observation Camp

Storm King Young Explorers
Ages: 7–9
Week Of: June 26
Time: 9am–4pm*
Late Pickup? Yes, till 5pm
Price: $350
Scholarships available
Calling all young explorers! Roam, roll, run, improvise, play, create, and discover the meadows, woods, and art at Storm King. Learn to use a compass! See, sketch, and move like a sculpture! Campers will come away confident about exploring the outdoors and modern and contemporary art. Binoculars, magnifying glass, journal, art supplies, and more provided.

Project Write: Becoming Authors and Artists
Ages: 10–14
Weeks Of: July 10   |   July 17
Time: 9am-3pm
Price: $295
Spend a week at Storm King engaging in place-based writing surrounded by sculpture, rolling hills, meadows, and woodlands. Storm King staff and teachers from the Hudson Valley Writing Project share behind-the-scenes discoveries and inspiring insights, launching students into a fun and creative world of writing and art making. Offered in partnership with the Hudson Valley Writing Project.

The Art of Scientific Observation: From Microecology to Monumental Sculpture
Ages: High School Students
Week Of: July 24
Time: 9am–5pm
Price: $400
Scholarships available
Throughout history, both scientists and artists have used field journals to note their observations of the natural world and develop their ideas. Effective visual and written notation requires keen observational skills, and the practice of creative recording in journals can engage and develop critical and lateral thinking capabilities. Weaving together science and art, The Art of Scientific Observation offers teens a unique opportunity to combine field ecology and artistic practice. Focusing on daily explorations of plant and animal life, as well as the sculpture and landscape architecture of the Art Center, campers learn about observational and notational methods through creative journal making. We will engage with a variety of techniques including sketching, collaging, and writing. Each camper finishes the week having created his or her own experimental field journal.