"Telephone Building" (Commercial Use) | 291 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508

291 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
PRICE: $1.24M   
Main Floor: 2 large offices
Second Floor: 5 small offices, 1 conference room, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom
Basement: 2 basement offices, 1 conference room, 1 bathroom (with 2 private stalls)
Net Rentable Area 4,086 sq. ft. on 3 floors

Gilded letters shine from atop the building. The building’s owner, Deborah Bigelow, gilded them herself by hand, gold leaf by gold leaf.

Gilded letters shine from atop the building. The building’s owner, Deborah Bigelow, gilded them herself by hand, gold leaf by gold leaf.

One of the most desirable buildings in Beacon. The Telephone Building, located in the heart of downtown Beacon, is (dare we say) one of the most impeccably maintained historic buildings in the area. Owner and artist Deborah Bigelow bought it 27 years ago in 1992 as studio space for her art related businesses, and spent the following decades professionally restoring it. Her final and signature step was gilding the famed letters atop the building in gold by hand, gold leaf by gold leaf: “TELEPHONE BUILDING.”

Deborah has produced and conserved gilded works of art for museums and private collectors, artists and architects across the United States, Canada and Japan since 1982, as well as the Salon Doré for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Her website gildedtwig.com tells that story.

Built in 1907, the Telephone Building served as the switching station for the Hudson River Telephone Company, providing telephone service to the twin villages of Fishkill Landing and Matteawan (now Beacon). You can learn more about how that telephone service worked in an article on A Little Beacon Blog here.

Office space in this building is versatile, and has been used for private companies, shared office space, pop-up shops, photo shots, film screenings, business retreats, and more. The rooms vary in size and are bathed in natural light. Parking on the street in the area during the week is easy, and the building has its own parking lot that fits 8 cars.

During the evenings, the building is lit with exterior accent lighting that illuminates the top and bottom of the restored brick facade. The Telephone Building is a pillar and defining building in Beacon.

FUN FACT: The movie Super Troopers was filmed in the Telephone Building. The entire first floor was used as the police headquarters and jail cells. The art director needed a very run down look, and at the time, the Telephone Building was still undergoing Deborah’s renovation. Wall paint in a room in the basement had peeled so badly, that it was perfect for one of their scenes. Not any more!


  • Beautiful building. Simply stunning. People stare and take pictures at it while walking by.

  • The blond hardwood floors on the first floor.

  • The basement is one of the nicest basements in Beacon. It’s hardly a basement.

  • The boiler room which is like a vault! The door is made from a heavy wood covered in metal sheathing. It was designed to be a fire barrier in 1907. For people who tinker with tools, this workshop room is a toy chest.

  • Parking lot for up to 8 cars.

Contact the building owner herself, Deborah Bigelow, via email. Deborah is representing her building directly.
E-mail: telephonebuildingbeacon@gmail.com
Numbers: Visit the building website telephonebuildingbeacon.com and click on Numbers to see property information, including Taxes, Construction Information, and more.

PS: This publication, A Little Beacon Blog, occupies the front office of the Telephone Building as our headquarters. We call it A Little Beacon Space, and have written Deborah a send-off article / love note about her selling the building. You can read it here.