Beacon Local Nate Chinen Publishes Jazz Book “Playing Changes” - Order at Binnacle Books

Literary talent alert for the Hudson Valley and Beacon in particular! Our own Beaconite Nate Chinen, an American jazz critic, New York Times music critic, and Director of Editorial Content at WBGO Jazz, has released his book, Playing Changes, published by Knopf Doubleday Books. I'm placing my order at our local bookstore, Binnacle Books! It's so easy to pop into Binnacle to order whatever I'm looking to read, with assistance from the helpful person behind the counter.

Here’s what it’s about, according to Google Books: “One of jazz’s leading critics gives us an invigorating, richly detailed portrait of the artists and events that have shaped the music of our time. Grounded in authority and brimming with style, Playing Changes is the first book to take the measure of this exhilarating moment: it is a compelling argument for the resiliency of the art form and a rejoinder to any claims about its calcification or demise.” It earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly - this book is kind of a big deal!

Looking forward to reading the hardcover edition!

Spotted New Shop: The Square Foot

Spotted! New store on the east end of Main Street, near the mountain (and in the old Matteawan train station!), The Square Foot! Inside you’ll find jewelry made by Connie Verrusio, designer and store owner, who stocks other “interesting things.” Ask her what’s behind her shop’s name. Hurry, she’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays. This space used to be occupied by Hair Haven, and The Pfotoshop.

Find this shop and more in A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide! Read all about each shop before or after you visit them! Look up in the top navigation, and click the Things To Do In Beacon tab.


Spotted! Pop-Up Shop Within a Shop at Beetle and Fred

Spotted! A Pop-Up Shop, within a shop. Vintage collection from Psychedelic Sunset Vintage and antiques from Majestic Beast Antiques, all inside of the fabric, trimming and tools store Beetle & Fred, on the west end of Main Street going toward the train! A Little Beacon Blog loves spotting unique pop-up shopping experiences in Beacon. See our Things To Do In Beacon Guides for all the shops and eateries!


Hardware Store to Open in Beacon on West Main St., a Hop, Skip, Jump Away from Main Street Near Train


It’s happening...a hardware store is opening in Beacon! Nichols Hardware was the last hardware store here on Main Street, and closed several years ago.  

Brett’s True Value opens on Thursday, April 5, 2018, and is located down on 18 West Main Street, which is just a hop, skip and a jump over 9D/Wolcott towards the Beacon Metro-North train 🚂 station. There are all kinds of other businesses down in that mini-complex, including BCAP, 2 Way Brewing, Beacon Pilates, The Cinehub, and others. An apartment building is also going up across the street.

Beaconites now have two hardware stores to shop at - this one located right in town, and Home Depot in Fishkill, which employs many Beacon neighbors and frequently offers classes. 

Brett’s True Value has additional locations in New Windsor and Newburgh, and boasts of carrying household tools, hardware, and other products, many of which, they say, are from family-run companies; the store is independently owned. Owner Brett Feller felt it was time for Beacon residents to have their own hardware store again: "I live in Beacon. I love Beacon. Beacon is fun! The town told me they wanted a hardware store. I was told over and over again, 'We need a hardware store in Beacon.' "  

You will notice the building itself has a newer look, as some renovations were made in order to optimize the space for retail. Why would someone put a store here? Brett says, "Most people could not understand how we were going to open a store here. The landlord did a great job transforming the space for us. The front was dug out and a large concrete patio was installed and new cedar planks were put in to create the façade. Inside, multiple walls were knocked down and new ones went up. All new lighting [was installed]."


Get your DIY on! At the moment, I have a flat tire in my driveway ready for fixing, so it's good I can walk to Brett’s True Value for an air compressor! 

Beacon's Fine Copper Critters + Batman Ninja Charms at Beacon Fine Jewelers

beacon fine art jewelers 5.jpg

We're betting that you haven't seen these little copper critters yet, created at Beacon Fine Jewelers, Inc. in the middle of Beacon at 284 Main Street. The shop is in that nondescript part of Main Street across the street from the Howland Public Library, so you may have walked past their window several times, maybe making a mental note to see if that ruby ring in your jewelry collection is real or not.

beacon fine art jewelers 1.jpg

That's how I first walked in - on the gemstone detective mission - but I was immediately distracted by these little copper critters created by Mitch Rios, the son of Elliot Rios. They both metalsmith from behind the torch in back of the shop. The duo have been working in Beacon since about 2003. They commute over the bridge from Newburgh to their shop here to repair jewelry or clocks on the spot.

Mitch started designing these...droids? copper critters? from old pennies. Fitted with a loop at the top, you could wear it as a charm, hang it from a window or rear-view mirror, or simply collect them as a little standing army. Several of the creative beings are available, each bearing different characteristics.

beacon fine art jewelers 6.jpg

In addition to the copper charms (above), Mitch designs character charms out of silver (below), like the Batman ninja piece in this picture, or the Pokémon charm.

beacon fine art jewelers 3.jpg

Is there a knife collector in your life? A precise charm may be just what he or she needs. Each of the different types is custom-designed and made by Mitch.

beacon fine art jewelers 7.jpg

Of course, you'll also find traditional pieces of jewelry in rows of cases inside Beacon Fine Jewelers. Some items are pieces they have bought from estates, others are their own designs. Do you have an idea for a ring? Sketch it out and bring it to Elliot. He would love to make it for you as a custom piece.

beacon fine art jewelers 4.jpg

Beacon’s East End Is Open Late Again! Sip, Snack and Shop

Happy Thursday - the east end of Beacon by the mountain is open late! The Sip, Snack and Shop event is tonight, celebrating local shopping and support of neighbors, so sip something sweet in the holiday sparkle of the night as you find last-minute 🎁 gifts! Presented by the Beacon East End Association, this is their effort to help you see all of the amazing that is inside more than a dozen stores. You’re not just buying local for the sake of buying local. There is some really cool shizaz here! 


There are 16 participating businesses, including:

Style Storehous, Utensil Kitchenwar, Lambs Hil, Echo Women's Boutique and Toystor, The Bra Fit Exper, Kaigh, The Blusher, Vintage:Beaco, Waddle n Swaddle, Beacon Bath & Bubble, The Chocolate Studi,  Blackbird Attic Boutique, an King + Curate.

The Shopping Guide Shuffle: The Latest in New + Old Shops in Beacon


Just when there seemed to be a settling in of the stores, a whole lot of movement happened in the storefront community on Main Street Beacon. Here are a few moves:

trendy tots building.jpeg

Closed: Trendy Tots - Beacon's Kids Consignment Store

296 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Trendy Tots Take Two, the kids consignment store in the sweet corner yellow house, has closed. Owned by a husband and wife team, this store had been a resource for parents who consigned gently used kids' stuff, and bought low-priced, high-quality items. Owner Jenn had a discerning eye for threads and did not accept everything that was brought into the store. Toward the end of summer 2017, the store posted a sign that said it would be closed until September. Small business owners often make personal choices like this - basing Open Hours around family needs. One time, Jenn was in a car accident and hurt her hip. Another time, the couple were caring for an aging parent and their open hours became inconsistent, but later returned to normal.

But September came and went, and the shop never reopened. In fact, the building and the grassy lot next to it, as well as the warehouse behind that which was known to be rented by artists from time to time, were put on the market to be sold. Asking price was $1 million. According to the realtor, there has been an offer on the property. The merchandise inside of the store has been removed, and we were unable to reach the owners to see if Trendy Tots is relocating.

wee bitty kids.jpg

Open: Wee Bitty Kids - New Kids Consignment Store

178 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Just in the nick of time, a local mom, Jenny Donovan, opened Wee Bitty Kids, LLC, near Artisan Wine Shop on the west end of town near Bank Square Coffee. This has replaced the vintage shop Classic Couture Fashion Boutique. The owner of Classic Couture, Leah, has said she will send us an update when she finds the next location for her collection of vintage fashions.

In the meantime, Jenny is taking new consigners and has new and gently used clothing and items for sale. You can learn more about the store via Classic Couture's website and Facebook page.

Note: The new shop, Wee Bitty Kids, has no connection to the volunteer-based nonprofit group, the Wee Play Project, who runs the annual Ree-Play Sale fundraiser every April to raise money for Beacon's parks and library projects.

Loopy Mango Replaces Heart & Soul Apothecary

loopymango storefront.jpeg

500 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

Longtime oils concoction artist, Leah Quinn, maintained a storefront at this corner store. Inside, she carried anything you might need to solve most any ailment. If it wasn't there, Leah would tell you how to make it. Over the summer of 2017, Leah packed it in at the storefront and went digital all the way. She seems to be exploding from her website, offering Subscription Boxes, workshops, and what looks to be a new line of clothing, like this hoodie.  Don't worry, you can still get Leah's Wonder Salve online here! It truly is wonderful, especially for eczema and sufferers of super chapped lips.

Loopy Mango has replaced the physical location of Heart & Soul, and ... all we can say is Wow. No stranger to retail, Loopy Mango has over 41,000 followers on Instagram, and has had a store in New York City since 2004. This location is all about "big loop" yarn, which is some really big and soft strands of yarn. They are so into it, they make their own in Key Largo, FL. Who is "they"? The business owners are corporate refugees who met in an art class, while "Loopy" is a German shepherd, and "Mango" is an orange cat. As for the people, according to their website:


Waejong Kim was born in Korea. She moved to Japan for college and after graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies she worked as an interpreter and later opened a Korean fusion restaurant in Nagoya, Japan. She moved to New York after 9/11 and worked for a corporate housing company. She taught herself how to crochet, took a long vacation, and never returned to the corporate world. Waejong has a German shepherd named Loopy and and orange cat named Mango.

Anna Pulvermakher was born in Russia. She moved to Seattle, WA, with her family and after graduating from the University of Washington with a degree in Mathematics, she worked for Microsoft and Expedia as a Software Test Engineer. In 2003, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of becoming a professional artist.


zoned fitness TV-view.jpg

Hudson Valley Fitness Center Renames to Zoned Fitness

Hudson Valley Fitness has rebranded to Zoned Fitness, and boy are they in the zone. We've watched their website for a number of years as we looked up information for A Little Beacon Blog's Adult Classes Guide, and the latest updates demonstrate that they are clearly in the zone, and are ready to transform your body. Their services Include food and nutrition training as well. Branding done by Beacon locals Rabe & Co.

New Fitness Center Coming Soon - The Studio at Beacon

Also on our radar! The Studio@Beacon, down near the Howland Public Library and Royal Crepes, is opening in January and will have a juice bar. Based on what drives the owners, the studio will likely specialize in boxing and cycling. With creative branding done by Kingston Creative.(P.S. Kingston Creative kind of has a thing for Beacon, and just released a 16 Most Instagrammed Places in Beacon, according to actual numbers. You'd be surprised who made the list!)

OPEN! The Made + Given Pop-Up Shop at A Little Beacon Space


Find Made and Given at A Little Beacon Space:
291 Main Street, across from Key Food
First Floor, First Door.
Friday 4-7pm
Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

A Little Beacon Space has been transformed again! The chalkboards are wiped and dressed with new chalk art, and even the wall flowers have been changed. There's a pop-up shop in town this weekend, and you only have three days to catch it (well, now two, because today is Saturday). Here's what you'll find inside...

Rock Dove

Rock Dove is copper and rock jewelry made by husband-and-wife team Carolyn Baccaro and Mickey Dwyer. Says Carolyn about her style: "My love affair with copper and rocks began when I learned that copper was the first metal to be used in jewelrymaking. It's one of the few elements to occur in nature in its pure, metallic form, and our ancestors have adorned themselves in copper since at least 8,700 B.C. I love using this ancient metal to craft unique jewelry using a modern method."

PS: If these rock/copper combos look familiar, you might have seen them nearby. They are also sold at one of Beacon's newest shops, Howling at the Edge of Chaos near The Beacon Hotel (head east toward the mountain).

quartzpoint necklace.jpg
blue dragon vein jasper rings.jpg

The Wednesday Collective

The Wednesday Collective is a hard-to-find collection of pottery that makes for perfect additions to your ceramics collection, or a great housewarming gift.


Black Gold Records

A record collector who also roasts coffee, Black Gold Records is based in Brooklyn where he spins the black vinyl while roasting beans - both of which you can buy in this pop-up shop. He's also known for this t-shirt, "Record Collecting Ruined My Life."


Pop Porcelain

This is all you, kitsch-lovers. Vintage plates with some not-so-vintage people on them ,from Pop Porcelain. Best of both worlds? You decide, then take a picture and tag us to show us what you picked.


FSA Leather Goods

This is some fine leather designing going on here. FSA Leather Goods has brought their assortment of jewelry, paperweights, and other excuses to make beautiful combinations of fine leather and metalsmithing. In their own words: "FSA Leather Goods has been inspired by the well-worn and dependable tools used by the farmers and migrant workers who endured the Depression and Dust Bowl. Hard work was the only way for these people to pull themselves out of the toughest times that dared to destroy the land. The durable products manufactured during this era were built to last generations. Our mission is to design products with the traditional qualities of simplicity, utility and durability essential to the hard-working people of the Depression Era, whose efforts, and the tools which enabled them, we still respect today."


Halmi Co

And if you wanted a little sparkle with your leather, there is Halmi Co. At this time, Halmi Co. does not sell online (coming soon), so the only way to score their goods is to find them in person.


John Defeo

New to A Little Beacon Space's walls is the artist John Defeo. You can see this art right now for this weekend only, and then it's gone. So if you want to pick up a piece, now is your chance.


Moor Berry

Bow ties and baby booties...that's what you'll find from Moor Berry, who sews a cultural twist into each of her designs.



But of course, a pop-up vintage assortment is on the racks from Rock Dove's private collection, with jeans, a few shoes, and coats that you could use today.


Teddy's Barkery

Got a pooch or two? They need a special doggy treat with a message on it from Teddy's Barkery. There are stamped-message cuff bracelets for humans (down at King + Curated on Beacon's east end at 1 East Main), and there are stamped-message doggie treats for dogs in the pop-up shop.

Teddy's Barkery.jpg

Santa's Dirty Workshop

Rated R cards, so can't show much here. You'll need to go in to see the collection!


Where To Go Next

After, or on your way to, this pop-up shop, check out these Beacon stores that carry a selection of products in the same niche as this one:

On the West End (toward the train):

  • reMADE
  • Hudson Beacon Glass
  • Dream in Plastic (also sells Kala Style soaps which will be at this pop-up shop)

In the Center (near this pop-up shop):

  • American Gypsy
  • Hudson Valley Vinyl

On the East End (near the mountain):

  • Howling at the Edge of Chaos (also sells Rock Dove rings which will be available at this pop-up shop in other styles)
  • Blackbird Attic
  • Shop Reservoir
  • King + Curated

Update Made to Shopping Guide: 2 New Stores, 1 Less Store, 1 Moved Store

Moving and shaking as always on Main Street in Beacon. We have made updates to A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide, and they go like this:

192 Main St.
(845) 440-6973
Opened by Laura Gould, a former Beaconite who moved to Nyack for a while, and is back in Beacon. Laura is also a former board member of BeaconArts. Sanctuary is "a Conscious Living Shop," according to Laura. In the space on the corner that was the longtime home of Beacon Barkery, Laura focuses on hand-made, fair-trade and ethically made goods. Inside, you'll find art, home furnishings, clothing, jewelry, books, wellness and self-care items, ritual and sacred objects, and a beautiful selection of curated gifts. Expect to see in-person gatherings in the shop in the evenings to learn how to use essential oils and other wellness techniques.

Howling at the Edge of Chaos
428 Main St
Located in the sliver of a storefront next to the Beacon Hotel, Howling at the Edge of Chaos is a charmingly fierce shop. Here's how the owner, Valerie Mitchell, describes the store:
"Life is art. Art is life. Art isn’t just what you put on your walls. It’s what you hold in your hands in the morning sipping coffee, it’s the leather bag you carry on your shoulder everyday, the pin you wear on your jacket expressing your thoughts, the necklace you put on as you walk out the door to meet your girlfriends. You should be surrounded by unique, beautiful wares, pieces that make you smile, laugh, feel strong, empowered, or make you dream. Howling at the Edge of Chaos carries unique finds for those that want to HOWL their TRUTH. Items might include but are not limited to: Jewelry, Pottery, Handbags, Textiles, Paintings, Photographs, Cards, Pins, Patches. Stop by if you’re curious."

Colorant has moved across the street! Head next door to Mountain Tops to check out their new digs, and for natural-fiber dyeing workshops with NY Textile Lab. From 3 to 7 on Second Saturday, bring your own cotton, wool or silk pieces for indigo-dyeing workshops (sign up here). Once you're finished repurposing, celebrate your new skills with cocktails featuring Beacon's own Drink More Good products.

A Classic Couture Fashion Boutique has left the west end Beacon location. This space is now For Rent. But fear not, you will probably be able to access owner Leah's collection in other ways if you were already in touch with her.

Visit A Little Beacon Blog's complete Shopping Guide for all of the stores on Main Street in Beacon.