New Job Listing: The City of Beacon Seeks A Climate Smart Communities Coordinator

The City of Beacon is looking for a Climate Smart Communities Coordinator who is qualified and motivated to help move the city toward a more sustainable future. The responsibilities of this position can be found below.


Required qualifications

  • Leadership experience, willing to network with nearby communities.

  • Excellent public speaker.

  • Background in Environmental Studies or a similar field.

  • Experience with climate change solutions.

  • Organized, with strong attention to detail.

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with grant funding application and management.

  • Experience working with the Beacon community.

Responsibilities of the Climate Smart Communities Coordinator

  • 30 hours per month.

  • Gather information on energy use in municipal operations to explore areas with energy-saving potential.

  • Coordinate volunteers.

  • Coordinate the greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory.

  • Assess existing land use plans (e.g., comprehensive plan, open space plan) and land use tools to determine if energy and climate change are addressed.

  • Gather information on planned projects or large purchases within local government. For example, if the local government is planning to purchase equipment, build a new facility, or start a municipal planning or capital improvement project, there may be opportunities to integrate energy conservation or waste reduction practices into the project or purchase.

  • Research existing programs or policies that support GHG reductions and may be expanded or may help task force members identify members of local government staff who are knowledgeable about GHG reduction strategies.

  • Gather information on available funding sources, technical assistance and other resources to assist with GHG-reduction projects.

  • Research similar initiatives in other localities. Other local governments in New York have implemented similar projects; the Climate Smart Communities program offers a network of communities active in this area that share best practices and develop partnerships with neighboring communities.

  • Draft resolutions and ordinances to implement GHG reductions and adaptation measures.

  • Educate residents and businesses on climate change and local climate programs and seek input for projects that will align with their interests and goals. Encourage citizen action by providing information on best practices and funding available for their own projects.


To apply, please send a resume, cover letter and three references to with Climate Smart Communities Coordinator Application as the subject line, no later than Friday, May 3, 2019.


$25/hour, part time (30 hours per month)

JOB LISTING: Research Assistant for Media Resources at Tin Shingle (Part-Time)


This is a job alert for Tin Shingle, a national company that shares an office and a brain with A Little Beacon Blog. It would be really fun to find someone in Beacon for this job, even though it is a work-from-home-or-wherever job. There are a few requirements (like being a strong typer and someone who likes to do deep-dive research), so take a read and see if it’s a fit for you or someone you know!


Tin Shingle is a training center and community for business owners, artists and makers who are promoting their brands. Tin Shingle puts the power of PR, social media, SEO, eNewsletter and design theory directly into the hands of creators, along with resources they can tap into any time. Crafted by business owners for business owners, Tin Shingle's programming trains people in how to get publicity, how to have sha-zam! social media streams, and how to master newsletter marketing. Tin Shingle offers a subscription membership where people can access different resources to improve their outreach. You can learn about that here.


The person who is the right fit for this assignment loves to dig online, research who‘s writing what in the media, and can’t help but get sparked with article ideas from the research. If you don’t know what an Editorial Calendar is, but you want to learn, that is great.

This Research Assistant position will be hunting and gathering for two of Tin Shingle’s resource databases, made available to our business and artist members who are pitching the media with article and story ideas:. The databases? Editorial Calendars and Media Contacts.

Editorial Calendars: These are PDFs put out by magazines that present what a magazine will be generally about for each issue. It’s a great way to know when a magazine will be doing their Back to School issue, or the big Gear Guide, or The Innovator Issue. The Research Assistant Googles and finds these PDFs online (usually found in Media Kits), or emails sales reps in the advertising department of a magazine to ask for the latest plans. Monthly themes are then typed up by the Research Assistant and imported into Tin Shingle’s database.

Media Contacts: Basic contact information for people who work in magazines, TV, podcasts, radio and blogs are available for Tin Shingle’s members to search through. We start our research in a bigger media database called Meltwater, and then whittle down that list by our own cross-checking research to make sure a person still works there, or works in a different capacity (maybe a top editor moved from a full-time position to a part-time contributing writer at a publication). Job assignments will be to take a deep dive into a media outlet (Vogue) or a subject (Spirituality) to gather or update fresh information.

Please Note: This is a not a free ride into Meltwater for a PR professional looking for contacts for their own clients. This is a research position that involves cross-checking and communication with Tin Shingle’s owner Katie to make sure we are updating people correctly. If you are a PR professional who really wants this gig, you can apply, but know that there are deliverables for each assignment and you won’t be pitching the media for this.

Skill Sets Needed for This Job:

  • Fast Typer: You will be copying and pasting a lot, and may be re-writing in order for Tin Shingle’s members to get a better read on a person or magazine theme.

  • Fluid In Social Media: While researching a media contact, you will know how to Google and search to verify where someone is working, and what they tend to write about.

  • Excel Nerd: Everything we do at Tin Shingle is in Excel. Information you find is typed into Excel spreadsheets, and uploaded into Tin Shingle’s database by you (don’t worry - we have step-by-step directions!). A guide to our systems, to keep track of when a media outlet was updated, is also in Excel in Google Drive so that we can stay coordinated and work together from the same document.

  • Communicator: You will be working directly with the owner of Tin Shingle, Katie, giving updates on what you are finding, and any questions or judgment calls you have along the way.


This position is work-from-home (or wherever). You can live in Beacon or California or Colorado or Georgia. Tin Shingle does share an office with A Little Beacon Blog on Beacon’s Main Street, but our Open Hours are irregular. So it’s work-from-wherever to start.


Please send cover letter and résumé to addressed to Katie Hellmuth Martin. Email is best - no need to telephone in.


$20/hour, Part Time

Thank you!