Where To Buy A Faux Christmas Tree - And Could It Cure Your Cold?

 Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin


Most of you are searching for where to buy a real Christmas tree in Beacon right now. And why wouldn’t you be? The hunt for the live Christmas tree is the most fun part of the start of the holiday season! But did you know that your Christmas tree, and any live garland, might be bringing on that mystery cold you just can’t kick?

I know - I’ve been a denyalist for years about this, until I went to the ER in Poughkeepsie two Christmases ago with really bad asthma cough, and actually got better at the ER, surrounded by goopy, miserable people. Here me out:

The Christmas Tree Can Bring On Allergies, Causing Asthma, Runny Noses, Prickly Skin

Pretty much every year, I get really sick. We all do, right? It’s normal. While at an in-law family Christmas dinner down south years ago, where the halls are decked with loads of garland, I basically had to sit outside in the cold fresh air for most of the dinner preparations, while my head calmed down and I could breath again. I called home to my mom, telling her of my symptoms. “You’ve always been allergic to the Christmas tree!” she said. Oh yeah…I forgot.

I forget every year. Two years ago, while pregnant with my third, my asthma was really acting up. But it wasn’t like an asthma attack, it was a simple tickle-cough. Totally normal, right? Doesn’t everyone have a tickle-cough? At the Holiday Family Fun Night in the school cafeteria, PTA parents were handing out the wreaths that families bought as part of their fundraiser. I was slowly fading away into a head fog, but just thought I was tired. Eventually I couldn’t speak to people anymore, without coughing. I was whispering.

The next morning, I called my midwife to ask her if it was safe to take my kid’s inhaler while pregnant. My kids both have asthma coughs, so I’m a professional nebulizer person. Her response? “I can hear you not breathing. I can hear you pushing the words out. Take yourself to the ER to measure your oxygen.”

Great. So off my dad and I went to Vassar. The waiting room was overflowing with the flu. As my dad Googled how to fix the computer board on our broken washing machine (darn that thing! buy the cheapest washing machine with the least amount of bells and whistles!!!), my lungs started clearing up in this germ infested room. After half an hour, we left. And I remembered about the Christmas tree.

Therefore, out went the live Christmas tree, and so began our hunt for the fake Christmas tree!

The Hunt For The The Fake Christmas Tree

We went to #allthestores to find the perfect faux Christmas tree, and wowzers, there are fun selections. Clearly we will be having several different trees because it’s too hard to pick just one, but we have many options for artificial Christmas trees here in Beacon and in the Hudson Valley:

Faux or Artificial or Christmas Trees In And Around Beacon

BRETT’S HARDWARE - 18 West Main Street, Beacon NY

bretts hardware true value storefront.JPG

Brett’s Hardware (True Value)

Your closest and friendliest option, Brett’s Hardware at 18 West Main Street in Beacon, NY down toward the train near the Hudson River has all the things you need for a faux Christmas tree Christmas. With rainbow pre-lit trees, prices start at $89 for a 7 foot tree (has plugs for the lights running down the tree) and $149 for a 7.5 foot tree (no plugs to fiddle with in the tree, so piece it together and it works once plugged in at bottom) - BAM! You’re done.

But you want more lights, and more lights you shall have. Brett’s has different colored Christmas lights, and the laser lights that all the neighbors are getting. You want some instant holiday stars? You got ‘em. There are different styles and prices of the laser light spinner as well. Brett’s Hardware also has plastic bin containers to store your ornaments and decorations.

Brett’s Hardware is open until 8pm every weeknight, so if you’re commuting home, just stop on by. Brett’s is open ‘till 7pm on Saturdays, 5:30pm on Sundays, and 8pm every weeknight. Brett’s is in the True Value family, so they can get in on good group pricing.

Pier 1

Way up Route 9, you’ll find Pier 1, which is near a Starbucks to help get you through the afternoon shopping. There are beautifully bushy white artificial Christmas trees there, but they start at $400. If you weren’t planning on investing in a faux Christmas tree this year, you might want to put this on your wish list for Santa for next year.


Target in Poughkeepsie is where I got my smallish silver tinsel tree for about $80 for my office here at A Little Beacon Space. I was looking for a pink tinsel tree, like Howling At The Edge Of Chaos has in her storefront window

Rite Aid

Located in the middle of Main Street in Beacon, you may find some short, waist-high faux Christmas trees that could fit in a small window - with white frosting on the tips. After three years, the white frosting one of of ours just turned yellow. Soooo….

Happy Decorating!

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Pumpkins and Corn Stalks for Home Decor at Sunny Gardens On 9D

Pumpkins at Sunny 😎 Gardens...always a festive sight on Route 9D on the way to or from Poughkeepsie or Wappingers Falls. The main goal for this visit is to pick up bales of hay for mulching before the winter, to hopefully slow weed growth come spring (it should technically be straw but we’re going the hay route). Two years ago I tried leaf mulch and that produced great soil, but resulted in stray leaves all over the snow.

Keep your eyes peeled for Sunny Gardens’ light-lined rows of Christmas Trees 🌲 in the winter! 


The Lofts at Beacon Falls - Gorgeous Apartments in the Heart of Beacon in a Historic District (Sponsored)

lofts at beacon falls MAIN.jpg

The very first pioneers to The Lofts at Beacon Falls, the new apartment complex located in Beacon's Historic District at 50, 52, and 54 Leonard Street (between Grove and Amity), were true out-of-towners: Many of them were parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, of couples who had moved to Beacon with their young families to start their new lives as Beaconites. The Lofts at Beacon Falls are located on the mountain side of Fishkill Creek, just up the road from Dogwood and The Roundhouse. If you sit on the benches across from Wickham Solid Wood Studio and what used to be The Hop, you are looking right at them, though they are hidden behind trees (see the picture below). Current residents moved from Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and other far-off states to settle in here and live within walking distance of Beacon's businesses. Small city living has a strong appeal, and The Lofts at Beacon Falls are delivering on that.

lofts at Beacon falls front buildings 1000.jpg

The Historic District

Because the Lofts at Beacon Falls are nestled into Beacon's Historic District, the newly designed buildings needed to conform to certain standards to keep with a historic look. You'll notice similarities between The Roundhouse complex and The Lofts at Beacon Falls on Leonard Street, with the gray-brown coloring, brick and black trim on the exterior. According to Bob Murphy of the Beacon Historical Society, the property was part of the Matteawan Manufacturing Company; by the mid-1930s, it was the Braendly Dye Works.


Insider Tip: If you sit on the benches across from Wickham Studio or the former Hop to reflect on things on the Fishkill Creek, you can see parts of The Lofts at Beacon Falls through the trees.

Another Insider Tip: Leonard Street is one-way if you are driving towards the Lofts at Beacon Falls, so you'll need to take a right on Amity to drive around the block to come into the entrance down Grove Street, which turns into Leonard Street.

lofts at Beacon falls long bridge 1800.jpg

Modern Apartment Life in Beacon's Historic District

Inside, you'll find modern design and amenities of apartment living. Designer kitchens and open floor plans make for a spacious feel in the one- and two-bedroom apartments, trimmed with granite counters, laminate wood floors, and Edison-style lighting. A washer and dryer come with each unit, making it super convenient to plan a cozy day of laundry, tucked inside an apartment surrounded by the wooded landscape of the Fishkill Creek.

lofts at beacon falls interior collage.jpeg

Walk outside of the apartment complex and follow East Main down to Main Street at Beacon's famed Dummy Light, and you're just about at Beacon's East End, an area dominated by more former factory buildings with renovations under way, making room for more art galleries, boutiques and eateries to frequent. Numerous boutiques, including Style Storehouse, Kaight, King + Curated, Lambs Hill Boutique, and more, cater to a variety of personal styles. Need something as specific as a brow wax? Find it at The Blushery, at the T where Main Street meets the end of East Main - just one of the niche storefronts available to Beaconites.

lofts at Beacon falls kitchen 1000.jpg

The Perks

A full workout center is located in the heart of the apartment community for anyone who needs easy access to a quickie workout on the machines. Residents may even bring in their personal trainer for a guided workout. Staying fit is certainly do-able from this location, with access to trailheads on Mount Beacon, as well as nearby fitness centers on Main Street like Zoned Fitness (formerly Hudson Valley Fitness), and the Shambhala Wellness Center and Live Your Life Gear.

The planners at The Lofts at Beacon Falls made certain to build pet-friendliness into their offerings, allowing animals as residents for an additional fee. No one's circling the neighborhood looking for parking, because one spot is allotted to each unit, and additional parking spots are available. Security is of top importance, so there is surveillance inside and outside, as well as keyless entry that can even work from a smartphone. The full list of what's included can be found here on their Amenities page.

lofts at beacon falls amenities collage 1000.jpg

Pricing for 1- & 2-Bedroom Apartments

There are 78 apartments available at The Lofts at Beacon Falls. The community of already-established residents is waiting to grow. Monthly rental prices range from $1,800 to $2,700, with spaces ranging from 800 to 1,400 square feet. Some apartments boast an office, a feature that has attracted people who work from home as well as commuters who want to set up a workspace in their home.

lofts at Beacon falls dining room 1000.jpg

About the Developer, James M. Bello

James founded James M. Bello and Associates, his family-run business, in 1985. In the decades since, he has employed several hundred subcontractors to design and build homes, renovations, and light commercial projects. A native of Brooklyn, James and his wife have lived in Dutchess County for the last 18 years, and currently reside in Hopewell Junction. Says James: "We noticed a big change in Beacon and we wanted to be part of it. We want to offer value to some of the people who live in Beacon, or are moving here."

lofts at Beacon falls under bridge 1000.jpg

Looking to Move? View an Apartment

Dorothy Bizzoco
Call: (845) 765-8044
Email: Dorothy@loftsatbeaconfalls.com

You can view the apartments any time, just contact Dorothy Bizzoco, who would love to show you around. Who knows, maybe you'll be moved in in time for their Christmas Party this December. Bring the eggnog from your kitchen down to the party!

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The Source for Halloween Yard Art and Scary Props - A Home Depot Halloween

home depot halloween 7.JPG

After living in Beacon for several years, it has become very clear that holiday yard art is a thing. Air blown, lit up, puffed up things in the night are to be embraced. Like giant Santas, Snoopies, Grinches, and now Ghosts, Spooky Trees, and even a herd of hatching, rabid dinosaurs.

home depot halloween 10.JPG

A Little Beacon Blog has documented this for the past few years for the December holidays, when we go around Christmas Light Hunting. But we've never done it for Halloween. We've attended the unofficially named Willow Street Halloween Extravaganza aka Halloween Night of Crazy, where several of the houses on that street get really into Halloween and set up spooky houses, play eerie drums, show old movies, and generally create a street party. But we've never documented the Halloween decorations...

home depot halloween 2.JPG

Until now. Halloween has come to Home Depot in Fishkill in a big way (and probably every Home Depot in the country, but we prefer the one off of 84 in Fishkill because it's at the base of a mountain and employs some neighbors), making it really easy to access these marvelous decorations that people seem to spend years acquiring.

home depot halloween 6.JPG

We only had one bin of Halloween decorations, but after stopping into Home Depot one weekend this September, our lives were forever changed. Being that we have kids, it was as exciting as going into a haunted house. When their grandparents visited from out of town, the kids wanted to take them to Home Depot to visit "the Halloween section." We needed to set a Halloween Budget so that we would stop getting asked what they could buy.

home depot halloween 1.JPG

So we set the budget and made a plan. Tough choices were made. Spooky things with effects like The Three Witches were cut from the must-have list. Electric things that made noise were assembled. We are now ready for our Very Beacon Halloween (a Beacon Chamber term, but that's what it feels like when getting into the yard-art spirit). For the first time, I want to stay home to hand out candy in order to represent at our spooky home.

home depot halloween 4.JPG

Kids can pick up the phone outside of your door, and hear a spooky message...

 For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

home depot halloween 8.JPG

Instant-mega-deecoration with these lights. At holiday time they have taken off in Beacon, but for Halloween, you can have creepy ghosts flying around the siding of your house.

home depot halloween 9.JPG

You must go into Home Depot to experience this actual 3D TV. Just turn the dial, and wait. It's actually about 7 seconds too long, but next year maybe they will edit it back. Wait for the effect of this creepy face popping out...

home depot halloween 3.JPG

And for those who just want a little Halloween Pretty, there is the black wreath with glitter silver spiders and ribbon.

Annie Sloan Stockist, Knot Too Shabby, Opens in Beacon at 155 Main Street

The wait is over... We have had hints of furniture painting stores moving into Beacon before, most notably when Hudson Gold held a pop-up shop last December. (They are currently located on the east end of Main Street, next to the Chocolate Studio.)

Now, on August 20th at 10am, the Beacon Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new shop in town, Knot Too Shabby from proprietress Jessica Cole, an official stockist of cult favorite Annie Sloan decorative paint.

 Annie Sloan furniture painting brushes, carried in Knot Too Shabby. Photo Credit: Knot Too Shabby

Annie Sloan furniture painting brushes, carried in Knot Too Shabby.
Photo Credit: Knot Too Shabby

The store is already stocked with coveted brushes that can help any novice painter get professional-looking results. You'll also find the famous Annie Sloan waxes that get applied on top of the paint using different techniques. And if those techniques intimidate you, don't worry, there are workshops at Knot Too Shabby!

Though there are Annie Sloan stockists in several cities and towns in New York state, having one in your own city is lucky for two reasons:

  • Education: The shop owner, like Jessica, is trained in the painting techniques and usually teaches you how to do it.
  • Shipping: Annie Sloan has removed shipping from their own website in order to fully support their local locations. While driving to other towns is adventurous, you can now just walk, roll or drive down Main Street to pick up the color of your choice, or Jessica can order it for you!

Warning: Knot Too Shabby is located near the newly expanded store ReMade (in the former Clay Wood & Cotton space), which carries artful creations for your home and jewelry collections, so if you come out of ReMade inspired by your custom-designed purchase, you can go to Knot Too Shabby to make that happen.

OMG, let the projects begin.