Restaurants That Are Open Christmas Eve and Day in Beacon - 2018 Edition

  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

One of the things that make the Holidays so wonderful is the FOOD! The special meals that bring us all together. Some families have their big meal Christmas Eve while others have it on Christmas Day. If there is a day you plan on dining out, our trusty Restaurant Guide is always here at your service. In this case, we saved you some time in finding out who on Main Street will be open and closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Who’s Open Christmas Eve/Day?

BJ’s Soul Food Restaurant at 231 Main Street will be open Christmas Eve 7:30am-9pm and Christmas Day 7:30am-6pm.

Isamu Sushi at 240 Main Street will be open both days with their regular hours.

The Roundhouse at 2 E Main Street will be open in the lounge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 3pm to 10pm

For Those In Need:
The Springfield Baptist Church is serving Free Christmas Dinners Christmas Day from 12pm-3pm. They will deliver three or more dinners. For delivery, call 845-464-2480. The church is located at 8 Mattie Cooper Square in Beacon.
- First reported by the Beacon Free Press

Who’s Open Christmas Eve Only?

Barb’s Butchery 11am-6pm (menu for grilled food is available)
Bank Square until 6pm
Tito Santana’s until 4pm
The Pandorica until 5pm
Homespun until 3pm
Zaitun - reg hours
Max’s on Main until 6pm
Enoteca Ama until 10pm (final seating 9:30pm)
Cafe Amacord until 10pm (final seating 9:30pm)
Glazed Over Donuts open 8:30am to 12:30pm
Yankee Clipper Diner until 3pm
Ella’s Bellas until 3pm
Brother’s Trattoria until 10pm
Beacon Falls Cafe until 3pm
Sukhothai until 9:30pm
Melzinga Tap Room until 7 (final seating 7-7:30pm)

Who’s Closed Christmas Eve/Day?

Chill Wine Bar
Kitchen Sink
Meyers Olde Dutch
Baja 328
Draught Industries

Are You In This List?

This page right here is one of our most popular pages in Google around Christmas time. Everyone starts Googling who is open on Christmas Eve and Day!

If you run a restaurant and it’s in Beacon and not in this lineup, please email us at! We literally called everyone, so you might not have been able to answer the phone when we called. Don’t be shy! Let us know.

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Where to Buy a Christmas Tree Near Beacon, NY


Your hunt for a Christmas tree in or near Beacon is going to be a satisfying one. Below, you’ll find different local Christmas tree lots from which to purchase your live tree. The lots will smell heavenly, as the aroma is bursting from the trees. If you are totally out of decorations, and need a place to start, you could go to Brett’s Hardware in Beacon for the Christmas tree stand, the lights (both for your house, your tree and for other outdoor decorations like a mini-light show).

You could also go to Home Depot in Fishkill for Martha Stewart brand shatter-proof ornaments and other staples for indoor and outdoor decorating. If you change your mind on a real tree and instead opt on an artificial tree, you could head back to Brett’s or read our faux tree roundup.


sunny gardens christmas trees in lot no snow.JPG

Sunny Gardens Nursery is the nearby nursery located on 9D a little ways past Stony Kill Farm as you head toward Poughkeepsie. The nursery is open Spring, Summer and Fall, and for the Winter, opens its lot for the Christmas trees, wreaths, and decorated wreath balls.

Drive into the parking lot and step out, and it smells. so. good. The pine fragrance is accented with a slow burning fire as the staff keeps warm around a fire-pit off to the side until you find your favorite tree.


The Christmas tree shed from the Beacon Engine Fire Company next to Dogwood's parking lot.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

The hours kept by the Beacon Fire Engine Company to sell Christmas trees are usually steady from year to year.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Beaconites can also buy a tree that benefits the Beacon Fire Engine Company, which is one of three fire companies in Beacon that respond to fires. To buy a tree from these firefighters, look for them the lot next to Dogwood's parking lot (a single rope separates the two parking lots), which is on the east end of town, over the Fishkill creek, near the mountain.

A perfect December day might include a dinner or late lunch and a beer at Dogwood, followed by a Christmas tree pickup.
Location: 60 East Main St. 
Wednesdays to Fridays, 5pm- 9pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 10am-6pm


Wow, what a beautiful location to go buy a Christmas tree from at Fishkill Farms, which involves a short trip on 1-84. In addition to the fragrant trees, you may also smell the homemade donuts being made fresh every morning, and look in their store stocked with their apples and home-grown organic veggies, eggs, and fresh-pressed cider. Plus, Santa is visiting on Saturday, December 15, 2018.


Speaking of homemade donuts, more homemade donuts are in Cold Spring at Vera’s Marketplace & Garden Center, and they are famous. The garden center is located in a strip on a rural part of Route 9, and it shares its location with The Pantry and Marbled Meat Shop. You will not leave hungry on this tree hunt when you get it from Vera’s. Getting there from Beacon is easy.


And of course, you can buy your Christmas tree from Adams Fairacre Farms on Rte. 9 in Wappingers Falls. Adams offers a big selection of small and large trees, and walking through their tree nursery at night is always a lovely, fragrant experience.


If you’re the real adventurous type want want to cut down your own Christmas tree, you could try Battenfelds. They offer wagon rides, Santa sightings and do sell other Christmas decorations. Just a heads up, though: they do open at the end of November, so you may need to go early in the season if you want more of a selection. You could also visit TJ’s Tree Farm in Highland, which opens on Black Friday. They offer pre-cut trees, as well as tress you can cut.


If you're a recent transplant from NYC, then buying a Christmas tree from Home Depot on Rte. 9 (to the right off the ramp from eastbound I-84), or from the parking lot across from Walmart on Rte. 9 (to the left off the same ramp) won't feel that much different from picking a tree from a pop-up Christmas tree lineup on Broadway.

Where To Buy A Faux Christmas Tree - And Could It Cure Your Cold?

 Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin


Most of you are searching for where to buy a real Christmas tree in Beacon right now. And why wouldn’t you be? The hunt for the live Christmas tree is the most fun part of the start of the holiday season! But did you know that your Christmas tree, and any live garland, might be bringing on that mystery cold you just can’t kick?

I know - I’ve been a denyalist for years about this, until I went to the ER in Poughkeepsie two Christmases ago with really bad asthma cough, and actually got better at the ER, surrounded by goopy, miserable people. Here me out:

The Christmas Tree Can Bring On Allergies, Causing Asthma, Runny Noses, Prickly Skin

Pretty much every year, I get really sick. We all do, right? It’s normal. While at an in-law family Christmas dinner down south years ago, where the halls are decked with loads of garland, I basically had to sit outside in the cold fresh air for most of the dinner preparations, while my head calmed down and I could breath again. I called home to my mom, telling her of my symptoms. “You’ve always been allergic to the Christmas tree!” she said. Oh yeah…I forgot.

I forget every year. Two years ago, while pregnant with my third, my asthma was really acting up. But it wasn’t like an asthma attack, it was a simple tickle-cough. Totally normal, right? Doesn’t everyone have a tickle-cough? At the Holiday Family Fun Night in the school cafeteria, PTA parents were handing out the wreaths that families bought as part of their fundraiser. I was slowly fading away into a head fog, but just thought I was tired. Eventually I couldn’t speak to people anymore, without coughing. I was whispering.

The next morning, I called my midwife to ask her if it was safe to take my kid’s inhaler while pregnant. My kids both have asthma coughs, so I’m a professional nebulizer person. Her response? “I can hear you not breathing. I can hear you pushing the words out. Take yourself to the ER to measure your oxygen.”

Great. So off my dad and I went to Vassar. The waiting room was overflowing with the flu. As my dad Googled how to fix the computer board on our broken washing machine (darn that thing! buy the cheapest washing machine with the least amount of bells and whistles!!!), my lungs started clearing up in this germ infested room. After half an hour, we left. And I remembered about the Christmas tree.

Therefore, out went the live Christmas tree, and so began our hunt for the fake Christmas tree!

The Hunt For The The Fake Christmas Tree

We went to #allthestores to find the perfect faux Christmas tree, and wowzers, there are fun selections. Clearly we will be having several different trees because it’s too hard to pick just one, but we have many options for artificial Christmas trees here in Beacon and in the Hudson Valley:

Faux or Artificial or Christmas Trees In And Around Beacon

BRETT’S HARDWARE - 18 West Main Street, Beacon NY

bretts hardware true value storefront.JPG

Brett’s Hardware (True Value)

Your closest and friendliest option, Brett’s Hardware at 18 West Main Street in Beacon, NY down toward the train near the Hudson River has all the things you need for a faux Christmas tree Christmas. With rainbow pre-lit trees, prices start at $89 for a 7 foot tree (has plugs for the lights running down the tree) and $149 for a 7.5 foot tree (no plugs to fiddle with in the tree, so piece it together and it works once plugged in at bottom) - BAM! You’re done.

But you want more lights, and more lights you shall have. Brett’s has different colored Christmas lights, and the laser lights that all the neighbors are getting. You want some instant holiday stars? You got ‘em. There are different styles and prices of the laser light spinner as well. Brett’s Hardware also has plastic bin containers to store your ornaments and decorations.

Brett’s Hardware is open until 8pm every weeknight, so if you’re commuting home, just stop on by. Brett’s is open ‘till 7pm on Saturdays, 5:30pm on Sundays, and 8pm every weeknight. Brett’s is in the True Value family, so they can get in on good group pricing.

Pier 1

Way up Route 9, you’ll find Pier 1, which is near a Starbucks to help get you through the afternoon shopping. There are beautifully bushy white artificial Christmas trees there, but they start at $400. If you weren’t planning on investing in a faux Christmas tree this year, you might want to put this on your wish list for Santa for next year.


Target in Poughkeepsie is where I got my smallish silver tinsel tree for about $80 for my office here at A Little Beacon Space. I was looking for a pink tinsel tree, like Howling At The Edge Of Chaos has in her storefront window

Rite Aid

Located in the middle of Main Street in Beacon, you may find some short, waist-high faux Christmas trees that could fit in a small window - with white frosting on the tips. After three years, the white frosting one of of ours just turned yellow. Soooo….

Happy Decorating!

SPONSOR SUPPORT: Brett’s Hardware supported this article with an Article Sponsorship! We can bring you stories and ideas like this with the help of all of our advertisers at any level. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us!

Christmas Trees For Sale From Beacon Engine Fire Company

 Christmas trees for sale in the Beacon Engine parking lot.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Christmas trees for sale in the Beacon Engine parking lot.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

In case you wanted more warm and fuzzy feelings about where you are getting your Christmas Tree this year, the Beacon Engine Fire Company has gotten back out their X-MAS TREES sign and filled the lot with plump trees, ready for strapping to the top of your car.

The Christmas trees are being sold from the Beacon Engine parking lot at 60 East Main Street, right next to Dogwood’s parking lot. A single rope divides the lots. Open Hours are from Wednesday - Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm.

Speaking of, you can make an easy night of it with dinner at any of the restaurants on the east side, like Dogwood, Melzingah Tap House, or Sukhothai. See A Little Beacon Blog’s Restaurant Guide for more dinner ideas.

Looking for other places to get your tree? See our updated article, ”Where To Buy A Christmas Tree in Beacon NY.”

Share pics of what you get! Tag A Little Beacon Blog in your Instagram photo @alittlebeacon.

PS: The City of Beacon Fire Department reminds you to not leave cell phone chargers plugged in! They are a fire hazard.

Pop-Up Shop Is OPEN! Holiday Artisans At A Little Beacon Space

popup shop holiday OPEN 800.png

WHERE: 291 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
The Telephone Building
First Floor, First Door
WHEN: December 8th
Saturday: 11am-8pm

Going on now for one day only, the Artisan Holiday Pop-Up Shop at A Little Beacon Space! Most of these artisans are not in stores, so you can only find them during pop-up occasions such as this. Organized by Susan Labodin, designer and founder of Allegory, this pop-up shop features 5 talents: the painter Anna West, the ceramics artist MossPocket, the fabric enthusiast reklaimed, and the fun dog collars (she brought the ones that you can color!) Teller Hill.

This pop-up shop is extra special because one of the artists, Kat Stoutenborough of reklaimed, was an original pop-up shop creator here in Beacon. Some of you may remember Cherry Bomb, which exploded into Zora Dora's for at least two years during the winter season (the spot has been occupied by different pop-ups ever since).

Kat's creation inspired A Little Beacon Blog to incorporate pop-up shops into our business model when we took the office space on Main Street in the Telephone Building. Kat's ability to bring dozens of artists together in a retail community during the winter months was exceptional, and created lasting relationships.

shopping popup shop 800.jpg

Not gonna lie...we have already shopped this pop-up and did take home a few spoons - but left some for you! The reklaimed pins are flying off her table, Teller Hill's adult-coloring dog collars are a no-brainer for the dog owner on your gift list.

Toy Drive Collections for Drop-Off Toy Donations In And Around Beacon

 Pictured here is the 2018 toy collection at Beacon Pilates.  Photo Credit: Beacon Pilates and A Little Beacon Blog

Pictured here is the 2018 toy collection at Beacon Pilates.
Photo Credit: Beacon Pilates and A Little Beacon Blog

Every year, Toy Drives fire up to donate to kids in need. If you’re wanting to donate toys to these drives, it’s best to mark your calendar for just before Thanksgiving, as that’s when these opportunities start opening up (or even as early as October, like Toys for Tots). Especially for Adopt a Family programs that require more attention to detail in terms of what kind of toys you are purchasing for which family. So mark your calendar for mid-November to return to this list to get a head start! And subscribe to our newsletter to get early advance notice.

If you missed a toy deadline and really want to give, consider a donation to the organization the toy is being collected for instead.

Things to know about Toy Drive Collections:

  • Wish Lists: Generally, the organization provides guidance on what type of gift to give. They know their kids and what they need or want.

  • New: Toys will be new and in original packaging.

  • Usually Unwrapped: Usually the Wish List will ask for unwrapped toys.

  • No Guns, Violent Toys: Even if your kids love it, there is extra sensitivity for these kids.


Beacon Pilates is collecting new toys for Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie.
Kids: 80 kids live in 11 facilities, ages newborn to 21 years
Wish List: Click here for the wish list and gift guidance. Juliet, the owner of Beacon Pilates, also has a list of individual Wish List items. Email for more specific recommendations.
Location Drop-Off: Beacon Pilates, 18 West Main Street, Beacon, NY (near Brett’s Hardware)
Times: 9am-9pm
Deadline: Now through December 15th, 2018
The Home is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment that improves lives and empowers at-risk children and families in the Hudson Valley and surrounding communities. The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie provides residential care on the main campus in Poughkeepsie, in agency boarding homes or group homes off campus and apartments in the community. On any given day, over 90 children receive services in one of the Home’s programs.


The Studio @ Beacon is collecting new toys for Toys For Tots.
Location Drop-Off: The Studio @ Beacon, 301 Main Street, Beacon, NY (next to Royal Crepes)
Deadline: Go Now!
The basic mission of the Marine Toys for Tots Program is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. The primary goal of Marine Toys for Tots is, through the gift of a new toy, help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America's less fortunate children. In order to better execute the Program, in 1991 the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation was created at the behest of the Marine Corps.


The Salvation Army of Beacon is collecting toys via their “Angel Tree” at two locations with Wish Tags. Says Captain Leilani Alarcon: “We have toy wishes, and usually also like to get a couple of warm outfits, since most of the kids that participate are needy and their parents can’t afford to buy coats and boots, and such. Everything desired is on the tag. Wherever the tag is picked up, is a drop-off location, or people can bring them directly to our location in Beacon - the church. My email and cell information are on the tags for people to arrange drop-offs at our building.
Kids: Captain Leilani Alarcon described to us the types of children they reach with this Toy Drive: “Most of the kids for our Toy Drive are from low-income housing (Tompkins Terrace), as well as needy families that have come all the way from Hopewell and Poughkeepsie because they missed sign-in dates at the Poughkeepsie Salvation Army. Kids also are sent from Social Services or from our Food Pantry Assistance Families here in the church as well. We have decided not to set an age range, since most older children get forgotten by most programs, so we have kids from 0 to 16.“
Wish List: Select a tag from the Angel Tree. It will have an exact idea.
Location Drop-Offs:
Planet Fitness in Wappingers Falls: 1572 U.S. 9, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Hilton Garden at Fishkill: 25 Westage Dr, Fishkill, NY 12524
Salvation Army Church in Beacon: 372 Main Street, Beacon NY (drop-off only, the Angel Trees are at the above locations). The main entrance of the church is actually behind it, by their parkinglot off Fishkill Avenue. Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for drop-offs for toys or their Food Pantry any day of the year, as that is when their receptionist is there. Or you can email Captain Leilani Alarcon at Leilani.Alarcon@USE.SalvationArmy.Org to make arrangements for other days.
Deadline: Now through December 19th, 2018


Libby Funeral Home is collecting stuffed stocking for Stocking For Soldiers.
Location Drop-Off: Libby Funeral, 55 Teller Avenue, Beacon, NY (near Stock Up)
Deadline: Now through December 15th, 2018
If filling stockings brings you joy during the holiday season, and so does giving the stockings to someone who isn’t expecting them, then this holiday initiative is for you. Libby Funeral Home has set up a free stocking for you to take home, decorate and stuff to the brim with holiday cheer. You will receive a list of recommended items along with the stocking. Libby Funeral & Cremation Services will ship the stockings (at their expense) to troops abroad in time for the holidays.
Details >


Grace Smith House organizes an annual Adopt a Family program.
Deadline: Now through December 14th, 2018
During the holiday season, Grace Smith House opens its doors to countless survivors of domestic violence and their families. They need your help to provide their shelter families with holiday joy. Consider adopting a shelter family for this holiday season. You can be matched with a family and their recommended gift list, and the matching process is going on now. See here for more information on how to apply.
Details >


All Sport Health + Fitness is collecting select gifts via a wish-list tree. You need to go to the fitness center and take a wish off the tree. Fulfill it and bring it back!
Location Drop-Off: All Sport, 17 Old Main Street, Fishkill, NY 12524
Deadline: Go Now!


5th Annual Toy Giveaway in Honor Of Carmen Viruet-Senato and being hosted with the help of Love Holds Life Children’s Cancer Foundation. They are collecting new and unwrapped toys for children ages 2-14 years old. Cookies and cocoa with Santa at Lewis Tompkins Hose Co#1. According to Southern Dutchess News, the event is in honor of Carmen Viruet-Senato, co-founder of LHL. The event is in Memory of Leticia Dos Santos. Richard Senato, Founder of LHL, said Leticia was 16 years old when she passed from Stage 4 bone cancer. She created the Cookies and Cocoa event with Senato and Viruet-Senato five years ago.
Location Drop-Off: 13 South Avenue, Beacon, NY 12508
Deadline: Friday, December 7th.
Event for any child to receive a free toy is Saturday, December 15th 10am-1pm. All are invited.
Love Holds Life helps children and their families financially battling cancer, on a national level from their offices located in New York's Hudson Valley region. Love Holds Life (LHL) provides financial support for their medical treatments and expenses not covered by insurance. LHL’s ultimate mission is to ensure children with love and life. Their financial program consists of funding a child’s medical deductible, co-payment, co-insurance and prescriptions, along with travel reimbursement to and from treatment. Donations received from individuals, foundations, corporations and other local organizations is how we are able to raise these funds which helps each child and their family.
NOTE: To be a drop-off location for Love Holds Life, please contact their office at 845-592-4544

As we hear of more Toy Drive Collections, we will update this list. Hit Refresh!

How to Submit

If you are running a toy drive, please email details in the format matching the above listings to Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

happy thanksgiving 2018.png

Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy the quiet, the laughter, the unplugged, the family, the friends, the neighbors.

Last year’s blog post made a suggestion to tell someone unexpected why you are thankful for them. Someone not in your every day life. It’s a neat assignment, if you were to try to do it.

This year, there is a lot to be grateful for, but I’ll say that I’m grateful for the ability to step outside my house and onto the sidewalk or into any shop, where I’m bound to run into a friend who I haven’t seen in real life for a while. Usually it changes the day for the better, or helps reshape how I was thinking about something, and I’m grateful for those moments.

What or who are you thankful for?

PS: The photo in this blog post was taken inside of the shop Raven Rose on Main Street on the east end of town near the mountain. The owner, Courtney, always has the prettiest windows and unusual flower selections for a wild bouquet, including several tall dried flowers. I’m thankful for those snippets of beauty.

New Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony At Visitors Center - November 24, 2018


A group of people have organized a new ceremony scheduled for Saturday, November 24, 2018, from 3 to 5 pm, to light up this well-known evergreen next to the Visitors Center at Polhill Park. The rain date is set for Saturday, December 1.

Tree Ceremony To Add To Merriment

Says Rosemary Merhige, one of the organizers of this lighting: “We started out with a group of Beacon residents and formed a committee. We have support of the Elks, City of Beacon, Boy and Girl Scouts, Beacon Recreation Department, Yanarella Dance Studio and others.”

There will be ornament making, refreshments, and entertainment. Look for Santa, carolers, tiny dancers, and more.

The Bicycle Tree Lighting from BeaconArts and the City of Beacon will be on December’s Second Saturday as it always is - this year it’s December 8. That is also the seventh night of Hanukkah, and BeaconArts will be lighting the menorah that night as well. The lighting of the menorah begins on the first night of Hanukkah: Sunday, December 2. Details about it are here.

Says Kelly Ellenwood, a past president of BeaconArts about the tree: “The tree next door [to the bicycle tree] was never left alone. It was always lit up and decorated, every year. Its juxtaposition to the Visitors Center makes it hard to see. A new tree somewhere where folks can gather ‘round will need to be planted (or sited) in the coming years.”

It is the opinion of this writer that a new tree on the other side of town - near the mountain - would help spread the abundant merriment down the full length of Main Street. It could serve as a new anchor to help draw people toward the east end of Beacon, and the shops, art galleries and salons that reside there. Oftentimes, people turn around after the Howland Cultural Center, where there is the big turn in the road. If you follow Main Street around the bend, you’ll discover so many more art galleries and shops, like Maria Lago Studio 502, bau Gallery, Russell Cusick Gallery, Kaight, Style Storehouse, and others. See A Little Beacon Blog’s Art Gallery Guide for a list of galleries.

The Holiday Wreaths Are UP!


It’s a most exciting time of the year, when we see the City of Beacon trucks loaded with holiday wreaths intended for the streetlamps slowly roll down Main Street, hanging up the festive greenery and bows.

Cheers to you this holiday season, on the eve of Thanksgiving. May you stay merry and bright.

PS: If you are decorating your house this season, please send your pics to us! We want to feature your houselights. Email for consideration. Including your address is optional. We’d love to see your work, so even if you set up one version, and then add to it later, get on our radar now - you can always send another picture when your masterpiece is complete!

Stockings for Soldiers - Stuff a Stocking For a Soldier, and Libby Funeral Home Ships It

Stockings-Newspaper Libby.jpg

If filling stockings brings you joy during the holiday season, and so does giving the stockings to someone who isn’t expecting them, then this holiday initiative is for you. Libby Funeral Home has set up a free stocking for you to take home, decorate and stuff to the brim with holiday cheer. You will receive a list of recommended items along with the stocking.

Libby Funeral & Cremation Services will ship the stockings (at their expense) to troops abroad in time for the holidays. “Sending our heroes some good tidings and holiday cheer is a great way for us to show our support and appreciation for the sacrifices they make to keep our country safe and secure,” said Matthew Fiorillo, owner of Libby Funeral & Cremation Services.

Pickup of stockings is now through Saturday, December 15. You can stop by their Beacon location at 55 Teller Ave., Beacon, NY, 12508 (near Stock Up) on Monday through Friday, between 9 am and 2 pm to pick up your stocking and begin stuffing.

Another Way to Help: Recycled Cell Phones for Soldiers

FYI, for those looking to recycle their cell phones: Libby Funeral & Cremation Services is also an official drop-off center for Cell Phones for Soldiers. You can bring in your old cell phones to help American troops call home this holiday season. The old cell phones are recycled and turned into free calling cards for the soldiers. According to Matthew, businesses nationwide have so far collected enough old cell phones to provide American troops overseas with nearly four million free calling minutes.

Getting Ready For Hocus Pocus Kids Halloween Parade

It’s always a good sign when there’s a BOX OF CANDY 🍭 outside your door. Getting ready for Beacon’s Hocus Pocus Halloween Kids Parade on Sunday! Check A Little Beacon Blog’s Events Guide for details. Thank you to Katy Hope from Beetle and Fred for hooking us up with this stash of candy - and for the door-to-door delivery!!


Pumpkins and Corn Stalks for Home Decor at Sunny Gardens On 9D

Pumpkins at Sunny 😎 Gardens...always a festive sight on Route 9D on the way to or from Poughkeepsie or Wappingers Falls. The main goal for this visit is to pick up bales of hay for mulching before the winter, to hopefully slow weed growth come spring (it should technically be straw but we’re going the hay route). Two years ago I tried leaf mulch and that produced great soil, but resulted in stray leaves all over the snow.

Keep your eyes peeled for Sunny Gardens’ light-lined rows of Christmas Trees 🌲 in the winter! 


Putting Up the Spooky Lights on Main Street

We’re setting up the spooky lights in the office ... After seeing orange, purple and pink Halloween 🎃 lights going up already on front porches of Beacon, we had to join in the spooky spirit!

Usually Home Depot has the glorious spread of Halloween yard decorations, but this year, Rite Aid in Beacon has enough choices on the shelves to do in a pinch. Brett’s Hardware, down on West Main, has the mums (flowers, not mummies!) and some other colored lights.

Happy Fall! 


Happy Valentine’s Day 2018


Celebrate this day of love. Pass it forward to anyone you see today. Anything can be a valentine - a hug, a piece of paper with a little note on it, something special you found, or just anything thoughtful.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

PS: This valentine was made at the revived Create Space popup venue (also home to Beacon Healing Massage), during their valentine card-making workshop last weekend. Find it in A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide, and they often have pop-up shops or workshops in the Classes for Kids Guide or Classes for Adults Guide. Be sure you’re receiving our newsletter to learn of special events like that, and check our Things To Do In Beacon Guides to mark your calendar in advance!