90 Books Is The Goal For Book Drive for Special Education English Classrooms at Beacon High School


With Get Caught Reading Month coming up in May, the writerly folks at Get Lit Beacon are sponsoring a book drive to bring “student libraries” to the Special Education English classrooms at Beacon High School. Says Flora Stadler, a writer and a part of the team that runs Get Lit: "We wanted to give students easy access to books they would enjoy reading, and classroom student libraries seemed like a great option.”

Get Lit is working with Principal Soto and Assistant Principal Simms to start small libraries in the Special Education English classrooms. “The teachers put together a great list of books from diverse authors to get students excited and engaged with reading."

The goal is to provide 90 books to 3 classrooms. Author and Get Lit Beacon founder Julie Chibbaro will present the books to the school during Get Caught Reading Month in May.

3 Ways You Can Help Make This Happen:

  • Go to Binnacle Books in Beacon to choose books from the teacher wishlist, and Binnacle will order them for you.

  • Donate money to the cause through getlitbeacon.com, and Get Lit will buy the books for you. They'll also match total donations up to $300.

  • You can also purchase books on your own and drop them off any time at Oak Vino Wine Bar in Beacon.

What Is Get Lit Beacon?

Get Lit Beacon is a literary salon founded by writer and teacher Julie Chibbaro. Get Lit Beacon is a way to invite writers out into the community where they can be seen and heard. The salon is a casual gathering where published and aspiring adult writers of any genre can hang out, have a drink and share their work. Usually, one or two professional writers are invited to join us and discuss their work.

Get Lit Beacon meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month (mostly) at Oak Vino Wine bar at 389 Main Street in Beacon.

More Opportunities To Help Beacon Students

A Little Beacon Blog has dedicated an opportunity guide to ways you can help the kids and families in Beacon City Schools. This opportunity has been added to it under the Beacon High School section. Be sure to check that guide periodically to learn of new opportunities! Such as the Color-A-Thon happening for South Avenue Elementary.

Sponsorship is open for that Guide, so if reaching people who care about our schools is important for your brand, please reach out to us if you are interested in sponsoring that guide with your logo and shout-out.

Postbooks - Books To Be Mailed

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