Gift List: Baby arm chair at Trendy Tots

On Ruby's wish list this year is an arm chair all her own. We spotted such a chair in the window of Trendy Tots Take Two, and with this cute bear! The size is a smaller tot sized, so not the oversized kind. We weren't able to check out the price, but it looks new enough to be delivered fresh from any catalogue. There are two here. Get it first!

Gift List: Socks! Hip socks at Dream in Plastic

Dream in Plastic has the best socks. Super cute, bold colors, perfect for accenting under a dark outfit or jeans. Target is also selling cute socks, and I shortcut my todo list and bought a pair there because most of my socks finally have holes so big in the heel, it can no longer be ignored.

Mistake. The Target socks made a hole in the heel after day 1! Dream in Plastic, however, is still cute and snuggly after last years stocking stuffer unwrapping.

So whether an elf is stuffing your stocking, or if maybe you are "helping", these socks are a must-stuff.

Beacon NY's Black Friday Shopping Weekend - 2011

Thanksgiving weekend, you're going to need to strategically plot out where you're going to be shopping on Main Street, and where you're going to break for lunch. Several of the shops are having Black Friday Sales (Friday, November 26), and some of the restaurants too! If you know you're hitting up a store that is not listed here, please include it in the comments below and add it to the list! There is also a Beacon Shopping Facebook page, from which this info came, that you can "like" and get ongoing updates from Beacon shops as to when they are having events, etc. Huge props to Karen at Echo and Ms. Vickey who put that page together with this latest Black Friday info.


Echo Women's Boutique and Toystore is offering 20% off ALL items in store except the new lingerie section between the hours of 11-3
470 Main, Beacon, NY
Mon– Sat: 10:00 am–7:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am–6:00 pm

Jacqueline is also offering 20% off all items from 11-3

Lauren and Riley will be offering 10% off all weekend
462 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
(845)831-3862 phone
(845)831-3808 fax

Clay Wood and Cotton will be starting their
extended holiday hours on Black Friday,
Open till 8pm Fridays and Saturdays for the season
149 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 481-0149

Dream in Plastic will be open 12-7pm
and offering 30% off selected items
177 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 632-3383

Notions-N-Potions will be open from 12-7pm
And offering a 10% discount
175 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508-2705
(845) 765-2410

Paper Presence will be offering
20% off all items
between the hours of 10-2 on both Fri and Sat
30% off all items
Between the hours of 6-9 on both Fri and Sat
133 Main St.
Beacon, NY 12508-3201

Mountain Tops is having a 20% off sale,
and buy 3 get 1 free socks
144 Main Street
(845) 831-1997

Peoples Bicycle
In spirit of Small Business Saturday, spend $25 at Peoples Bicycle and get a free t-shirt! Valid all weekend, starting Friday. Our $25 Roller Tuneup will get you ready to ride, as well as a free t-shirt!
8 S. Chestnut Street, Beacon NY 12508


Moxie Salon & Beauty Hub is having 50% off our Clip-In Animal Print Hair Extensions!!! 10am-8pm

544 Main Street #1
Beacon, NY 12508


Kringles Christmas Shop will be open from 10am - 9pm
and offering 20% off everything
163 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508-2705
(845) 849-3030

Hudson Beach Glass will be starting their
"make your own ornaments"
162 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 440-0068

RiverWinds Gallery is offering a book signing Sunday, from 2-4, by Marika Blossfeldt, of her new cookbook. Based on recipes developed on her Estonian farm, Marika will be discussing how to cook delicious healthy meals.

172 Main St, Beacon 845-838-2880

Poppy's Burgers and Fries deal of the day...
Buy 2 burgers, and get fries 1/2 price
184 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 765-2121

Homespun Foods will be open
From 11-4pm and offering 10% all
their imported and local cheeses
232 Main St  Beacon, NY 12508-2764
(845) 831-5096

Artisan Wine Shop will be hosting
A wine tasting from 4-7pm
180 Main Street  Beacon, NY 12508-2726
(845) 440-6923

Uh-Oh, I stumped you! Contest still open for Orange Light

The latest Where Is This contest is still open - we do not have a winner yet. I did a drive-by just to be sure the picture taken was still there, and it is. However, it wasn't lit up. Maybe they only light it up on the weekend (but it's so cool...I vote for it being lit up all the time!) Sooo...I'll give you a few more hints.

  • Karen of echo boutique and Charlotte and Claire of Gatehouse Realty should know where this is. Especially Karen, since echo is open until 6pm most nights, so the chances of her walking by are good.
  • Look closely at the picture. Notice the details. This will help you form what the light could be mounted on, which would be a great help.
  • Or, just drive down Main Street at night, and maybe on a weekend night, since on a Thursday night it was not lit up.
  • Click here to return to the contest photo and enter your guess in those comments.
Good luck! The prize for this contest is 12 bagels and 1lb of cream cheese from The Beacon Bagel. Don't make me take those home to my freezer!

Where Is This? Hint: It's orange

Ok Beaconites, where is this picture taken? I've given you the most unhelpful hint because you are too good! This week's winner will pick up one dozen yummy bagels and 1lb of cream cheese to spread on them from The Beacon Bagel. Visit our Prize Bag for sponsor details, and for contest rules, and start guessing! First correct answer wins!

UPDATE 10-7-11:
I've stumped you, so here are more hints:
  • Karen of echo boutique and Charlotte and Claire of Gatehouse Realty should know where this is. Especially Karen, since echo is open until 6pm most nights, so the chances of her walking by are good.
  • Look closely at the picture. Notice the details. This will help you form what the light could be mounted on, which would be a great help.
  • Or, just drive down Main Street at night, and maybe on a weekend night, since on a Thursday night it was not lit up.

Just Donated to Electric Projected the Reboot

Support and Donate to Electric Projected The Reboot

I got the email from Kelly of The Beacon Citizen, telling me (well, telling her entire BCN people of which, I am just one) about the donation efforts of the Electric Projected project. The project was supposed to light up on August 6th, but after a massive downpour that would not stop, the event was sadly canceled. Some die-hard viewers actually congregated elsewhere to view something viewable from a small-screen, but otherwise, it was a bust.

About The Electric Projected: 
Electric Projected is a FREE outdoor art and music festival that will be held in Beacon NY on the evening of October 1st 201. The focus of the festival are 24 original animations that will be projected onto the side of a vacant 19th century factory building in Beacon NY. Each animation is inspired by and designed to "interact" with artwork that is currently installed in the large windows of the factory as part of the Electric Windows project. It is because of the Electric Windows project that you see murals painted by street artists in each window of the building on the corner of Main Street and East Main, across from what is now known as The Roundhouse. Just the other night, I was walking past that building, looking at the juxtaposition of the hard art, created live in 2010 by dedicated street artists who do paint murals as a profession all over the world. And some of their expression is here in Beacon. The event brought together people, kids, food, vendors, a great community spirit. This continuation of that project will bring more goodness to all involved, from the artists to the viewers (be they locals or visitors) to the shops located around the event.

Enter "The Reboot"! For Version 1 of this project, the producers lost their investment to camera rental, etc. So to have it again, they need to raise $20,000. That's a lot of cash, but guess what? They are doing it on Kickstarter, and already have $10,946! A Little Beacon Blog was their 130th backer.

Click here to get to their donation page at Kickstarter. It's nearing the end of the year, so make sure you've got a nice handful of donations to hand in with your taxes!

You too can get a badge that looks like this!

Support and Donate to Electric Projected The Reboot

Where Is This? Hint: It's stuck

Where is this, Beaconites? Bonus points if you can also guess *what* this is, but namely, to win the prize, we need to know *where* this picture was taken.

This week's prize from the official A Little Beacon Blog's Prize Bag is from Seed to Fruit. Nicole, the owner and head gardener, tells me that she has fresh roses in, and you win one of them! You'll need to pick it up during her open hours, which are Thursday-Saturday. See the Prize Bag page for more details.

Cupcake Competition and Classes at First Presbyterian Church

Yes, you read that right - a Cupcake Competition is coming to Beacon, and they are offering classes the day before! All profits will be donated to the First Presbyterian Church of Beacon NY, who has a new minister in town, Ben Larson-Wolbrink, who is looking to step up the involvement of his church in the community. You may have seen him give the dog blessing at this year's Beacon Barks Parade (2011).

The Cupcake Competition is on September 17th, 2011 from 9am-5pm at 60 Liberty Street, Beacon NY. Tickets are on sale now at and are $5 for adults, $3 for ages 4-13. You can also buy tickets at the door the day of the event, at which point they are $7 for adults, and $4 for ages 4-13. To view special demonstrations, you may buy a ticket for $10. Details are here.

You will see amazing displays of cupcakes, and designs you never thought possible. This is a professional cupcake competition with real "sugar artists". Over at 'PRENEUR, I suppose we'd call them sugar-preneurs.

Classes are available. The coordinator of this event is Diane Shavkin. For questions about the classes, email her at, and see her website here.

Have fun!