Free Community Event at A Little Beacon Space - Origami Peace Crane Project To Spread Peace, Love, and Equality

A Little Beacon Blog has partnered with Kim Beller, founder of “The PEACE project," an interactive art project to spread Peace, Equality, and Love in the community and to the world.

“In December 2016 I began folding peace cranes with the community in Wilmington NC where I lived,” says Kim. “After completing the folding of 1,000 origami peace cranes, I strung the peace cranes and they were hosted by different businesses and restaurants in and around Wilmington, NC to promote peace, love and equality. Previously, I organized the folding of 1000 cranes with my daughters school, with a home for autistic children, and for my mom during her battle with cancer, (her cranes hang in the Lower Cape Fear Hospice in Wilmington NC). This event in Beacon will be my fifth time folding 1000 cranes for peace!”

One thousand peace cranes will be folded, and strung into strands of 100 each, and they will be hosted by different businesses and restaurants in the Hudson Valley to promote Peace - Equality - Love.

All are welcome to this Free, Community event to fold origami peace cranes. No experience needed! Kim will guide you through the folding process and provide origami paper. Please bring a friend!

The PEACE Project 2019
: Sunday, February 10, 2019
Time: 12-2pm
Location: A Little Beacon Space, 291 Main St, Beacon, NY
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New Event: The Artist's Way Creative Cluster Group at A Little Beacon Space

the artists way.jpeg

WHEN: Sundays, 1:30 pm, from March 4 to May 20, 2018
WHERE: A Little Beacon Space, 291 Main St., First Floor, First Door, Beacon, NY
PRICE: Open to all (free)
RSVP: Click here to use the RSVP form on the Event page

An Artist's Way Creative Cluster group is being held at A Little Beacon Space on Sundays for the 12-week journey that Julia Cameron writes about and teaches via her classic book. This meeting time and space will be a gentle group, where people who are reading the book and going through their journey can share their thoughts and connect with others. The group will serve as a connection point, with a goal of fostering creativity in all and nurturing community. It will be lightly led by Katie Hellmuth Martin, or another person in the group over the 12 weeks.

The only requirements are these:

  • Book in hand: You have gotten your copy of The Artist's Way out of storage, and into your hands. You could go to Binnacle Books and have them order you a copy if you need to. The book in this picture was purchased at the pop-up flea at Create Space.
  • Pages: You have a new journal or stack of paper for which to write your Morning Pages. You can find journals at Play, Dreams in Plastic, and Echo, or maybe Raven Rose and Lauren and Riley. All right here on Main Street, Beacon. The journals in this picture were found at Play. Check A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide for other ideas.
  • Non-artists welcome: In the words of Julia Cameron in the book:
    Julia: "I teach people to let themselves be creative."
    Person on the Street: "Oh. You mean we're all creative?"
    Julia: "Yes."
    So don't be shy. Come on by.
  • Life happens: The book walks us through a 12-week journey. This creative cluster will meet at 1:30 pm every Sunday from March 4 to May 20. If you can't come to every meeting, that's OK. If you just heard about this, or decided midway through that you want to come to a meeting, that's OK.
  • Not a professional workshop of The Artist's Way: You may have taken workshops based on this before. This is the first time we are doing it, so it's free-form and will follow the Tasks and Check-Ins offered in the book. And that's about all we know!

OPEN! LuLaRoe Fall 2017 Pop-Up Shop at A Little Beacon Blog's Space

popup shop open MAIN.jpg

Erin and Leigh are back at A Little Beacon Space! They have taken over our office for a pop-up shop event this weekend only, and they have brought their entire inventory with them. To see inventory that's normally only available during certain times in their private Facebook group, anyone can come into A Little Beacon Blog's Space to shop Erin and Leigh's collection of leggings, dresses, denim(!), tops, and more on Friday from 3 to 7 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm, and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. A Little Beacon Blog's Space is at 291 Main St., across from Key Food, and down the block from the library.

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe is a brand of clothing known for its soft fabrics and unique prints and color combinations, founded by a woman who wanted to build a business that worked around her family's needs and schedule. LuLaRoe has grown into a nationwide brand, with associates like Erin and Leigh stationed in everyone's neighborhood. Beacon has several associates, some of whom you may have seen at school fundraising events, or maybe you've shopped at their homes (see who else is in Beacon). As the company is family-based and always eager to support the community, give a LuLaRoe pal a try if you haven't yet.

The Erin in Erin and Leigh.  Photo Credit: LuLaRoe with Erin and Leigh

The Erin in Erin and Leigh.
Photo Credit: LuLaRoe with Erin and Leigh

In the meantime... Stop into the pop-up shop to experience it all as you attend the plethora of activities available to you this weekend (we have your full schedule here if you need dates and times).

A mini-LuLaRoe associate in training.  Photo Credit: LuLaRoe with Erin and Leigh.   

A mini-LuLaRoe associate in training.
Photo Credit: LuLaRoe with Erin and Leigh.

Accessories - Where to Find Jewelry to Go With These Outfits

Oh yes, you'll need accessories, and you'll find them at several shops along Main Street. Good places to start include (on the West End of town, near the train) reMADE for uniquely made artisan jewelry, Bellus on Main for a finely curated collection of jewelry, Nella's Bellas for insta-bling at a friendly price-point, and Hudson Beach Glass for more artisan jewelry. On the East End of town, stop into Style Storehouse (also having a solo jam session on Saturday with Sasha Dobson, who is in a band with Norah Jones), echo boutique, Waddle n Swaddle for nursing-friendly jewelry, Vintage Beacon, Lauren and Riley, Shop Reservoir, Kaight, King + Curated, and others.

Find all of these shops with addresses and pictures in A Little Beacon Blog's easy-access Shopping Guide by clicking here.

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe   

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe   

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe

edible Hudson Valley to Retreat and Meet in Beacon at A Little Beacon Space


We're so happy to partner with edible Hudson Valley to be their Beacon meeting destination when their editorial team converges from all corners of the Hudson Valley. (It's like a group of superheroes coming together.) After one booking at A Little Beacon Space (you can rent our space!), they wanted more. Paging through their issues, you will now see A Little Beacon Blog ads saying "Hi!" to you. High fives to media friendships! Especially in this day and age, media outlets can be friends with each other to get more of the good word out.

We've had a magazine/business crush on the edible brand for a while, and we read several other city editions as well. The first one I picked up was edible Columbus, and edible Cleveland is pretty good, too! What is even neater is that edible Hudson Valley's new publisher, Jennifer Solow, is also the author of the book The Booster, published in 2006. This was exactly when I started my first blog just for fun, and she sent me a copy of the book with the nudge to "write a good review if you like it, and if you don't like it, eh, up to you what you do!"

Full circles are great, and encourage us to keep up the work.

Sound Shack Beacon Pops Up For Vinyl Record Show at A Little Beacon Space

Just when you were thinking of slipping into vinyl record withdrawal after the loss of Audioccult on Main Street, there's about to be a flurry of tunes and album covers for you to indulge in starting this weekend. The pop-up shop takeover by Sound Shack and their crew of collectors from all over the Hudson Valley will be closely followed by the highly anticipated opening of the permanent storefront replacing Audioccult, called Hudson Valley Vinyl. And then Record Store Day is April 22! This is like Christmas and Hanukkah combined for a month of even more reasons to go out record collecting.

Vinyl Record Show Pop-Up at A Little Beacon Space - March 10, 11, 12

For three days only, Sound Shack Beacon is hosting a Vinyl Record Show Pop-Up Shop during Second Saturday in March. Over the weekend of March 10 through 12, 2017, A Little Beacon Space will feature seven record collectors hailing from Beacon to Peekskill to Fishkill to Brooklyn. Thousands of records, 45s, CDs, and more will be for sale! 

Details Please!

Ready to go crate diving? You will find records in Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Prog, Garage, British Invasion, Heavy Metal, Punk, and New Wave/'80s. And that's not all... There's also Electronic, Goth, Power Pop, Underground Garage, Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, and Hip Hop. But that's not all! Check out Reggae, Blues, Folk, Country, Southern Rock, Surf, Hot Rod, Lounge, Soundtracks, Sealed Records!!!! LPs priced from $1 to $300!!!! Turntables for sale, and we've heard a rumor that there may be posters. Sound Shack is also coming into some unusual CDs.

Photo Credit: Jim Annicchiarico

Photo Credit: Jim Annicchiarico

Photo Credit: Jim Annicchiarico

Photo Credit: Jim Annicchiarico

About These Record Vendors

Big Jim’s Records from Buchanan/Peekskill: Big Jim has been in the music biz for 30 years. He has one of the best selections of rare and collectible music memorabilia in New York.

Sound Shack Beacon Is located just across the river at the Newburgh Vintage Emporium, selling vintage vinyl and other music-related items such as books, pictures, and more. Pictured here are Sound Shack's boxes of records, getting ready for the big move-in to set up shop in A Little Beacon Space.

Vinyl Pit from Fishkill is set up every weekend at the Dutchess Marketplace in Fishkill with a wide selection of records including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Disco, R&B, and much more.

Vinyl Savage Co. from Fishkill is a private collector that has 2,000 to 3,000 LPs and 45s for sale! Contact them with your want list and they will be happy to help find what you are looking for.

Also included are Get Awesome Records coming up from Brooklyn, Rama Records from Beacon, and Record Hunter from Stormville.

Admission is FREE! You can start shopping as early as Friday, March 10 from 3-8pm, continuing Saturday, March 11 from 10am-8pm, and Sunday, March 12 from 11am-5pm.

To host your pop-up experience at A Little Beacon Space, see here for more details.

Happening This Thursday: Personal Finance Planning for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives

It's Sunday night... How did your bill paying go? Coming to A Little Beacon Space this Thursday is a workshop designed specially for artists, entrepreneurs and business owners to help them with their financial planning, led by a woman who has worked with artists for years to help them craft retirement planning and good money habits that work with their lifestyles. She even designed these cute flashcards that were featured on the "Today" show.

The agenda below gives a glimpse of what she will be covering, but here are some questions from business owners and artists that have already come in (you can bring your own questions too):

  • "I have high credit card bills. I try to pay those, and put nothing towards my IRA or any kind of retirement planning. Is this a good strategy?"
  • "I never have a lot of money, so when I get a windfall for a being hired for a new project, I'm apt to spend all of the money at once. Help. What should I do with it? Save it? Invest it? Pay bills?"

As an artist or business owner, you are your own boss. No one has set up a retirement plan for you. No one is matching your hard work. Who is going to do it for you? You are. And Galia's guidance can help shine the light on your future good habits.

My Money Matters Flash Cards Included With Ticket Purchase!

Now, when you get a ticket to this workshop, you will get Galia's My Money Matters flash cards that were featured on "Today"! More importantly, they are adorable to look at, and serve as realistic affirmations of what you can do.

You Will Learn How To

  • Get organized. See where you are today and where you want to be.
  • Set realistic financial goals.
  • Manage your credit.
  • Create a budget and spending plan that works for you.
  • Develop a plan for automatic savings.
  • Invest in mutual funds.
  • Take away the uncertainty of retirement planning and determine the best retirement plan for you.
  • Best financial resources including apps, websites, books and ongoing tips.
  • Learn how to deal with your finances in just 30 minutes a week.

About Galia

Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 20 years in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in finance. She runs her own company, Down to Earth Finance, which addresses personal financial needs through seminars and individual sessions. She is a frequent speaker at Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership, Playwrights of NY, Lark Theatre, New Museum NYC, Crave Live, and Freelancers Union. She has been widely quoted in The New York Times, NBC, CNN, Real Simple and more. Previously, she worked at Bear Stearns and Nomura Securities. She is actively involved in angel investing through Pipeline Angels, Astia and Refinery CT. Galia is also the author of “My Money Matters,” a flashcard-based finance reminder set that was featured on the "Today" show.

See you there?
I'll have my notebook out.

If You See This In Time...Come By The Space To Jump Around! Drop 'N Give Me 20 is at 9:30 am Tuesday

Before I signed the lease on the space, I literally asked Deborah, the building owner and landlord, would I have privacy in the office because sometimes I needed to do my morning exercises. She responded by offering to install blurry glass in the office door, but that didn't seem necessary once I learned that I could do my morning stretching routine behind a wall in the middle of the room.

In the winter, I don't run outside as much because my bones get too cold and stiff, so it's either off to All Sport (where I can sit in their sauna!) or do a little routine at my desk! And so I thought: "Wouldn't it be fun if others got this quick morning workout, too?" So Jane Savage, founder of Savage Health and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and USPTA-certified tennis coach, who for many years taught cardio tennis for all ages, is going to lead us in a 30-minute workout on Tuesday from 9:30 am to 10 am. Tickets are $10 and there are only seven spots left. Get it online or at the door, and bring your sneakers! Mats will be provided for any floor work.

Come on in and jump around!

Well, That Was Awesome... Hunting for Vampires and Bonding with Kids During Parent/Child Yoga

After we put down the mats and set up the boom box, the morning began with spooky and dramatic organ playing as we moved our arms and pointed fingers to warm up our bodies. Child fitness instructor and founder of FitKidz, Dayna Case (my sister-in-law), led a small audience of mothers and children through different yoga poses and activities to songs, like "Going on a Bear Hunt," except our version was "Going on a Vampire Hunt" with all sorts of creepy adventures as we got closer to finding the vampire. Don't worry - we escaped from him.

The first dual yoga I'd ever done was Alice Sipple/Dancing Tree Yoga's class at All Sport. It was called Family Yoga and it was awesome. Alice has since moved with her family to Egypt for a spell, so when Dayna asked me if she could run a Parent/Child Yoga class in A Little Beacon Space, I jumped on it.

Why It Was So Special

In a yoga class with pairs, you get to work with and touch your partner. You can put feet to feet and grab wrists and sway back and forth. You can look at each other eye-to-eye, and give each other a spooky face. You can stop in the moments of a busy day to just be with that other person, who in this case, is your child. No telling them to put their socks on, no telling them to stop throwing water. Just moving and swaying, curling and rolling.

When's The Next One?

I don't know! Dayna lives in Columbus, Ohio, so it could happen whenever she passes through Beacon, I suppose. Or if you lead classes like this and want to give a special pop-up experience, contact me with your idea.

Meanwhile, see what other events are popping up in this Little Beacon Space. You never know if it will be back, so best take advantage by coming when it's here!

A Little Beacon Space Is Open!


Oh my gosh, y'all! I'm not even Southern, but I lived there for a bit and I know what that phrase means when spoken by someone very excited: A Little Beacon Space is open. What is A Little Beacon Space? It's the office headquarters of A Little Beacon Blog and Tin Shingle, but I couldn't just have an office and an overhead because what fun is that? It's an interactive extension of A Little Beacon Blog that can bring in the community for special events planned by us, or planned by you! This office is in the heart of Beacon's Main Street, one of the areas of Main Street that is currently defining itself, at 291 Main St. in The Telephone Building. With such a vibrant city, I wanted to be part of Main Street, one of the shop owners, feeling the pulse of the city.

Having a space like this at 291 Main Street was never on my radar as a goal. Yes, I did and do have secret Plan B-type dreams of opening an ice cream parlor, or buying a nail salon and making it awesome. Interestingly, each of my marketing plans for those Plan B dreams involved hosting special events in those spaces to help bring people in.

With a little help from many friends, team members and supporters, A Little Beacon Space is open inside of A Little Beacon Blog's Main Street headquarters. I'm so excited to share this wonderful Telephone Building with so many other people producing unique things with their unique skill sets. The excitement is contagious: Here's a picture of the folks at Home Depot, taking it upon themselves to build me a sandwich board after they heard how I wanted to construct it (meaning, my version would have flown away in the wind).

Booking A Little Beacon Space

Different people and groups can rent this space for a workshop, event, pop-up, photo shoot, and many other things I haven't mentioned here but would love to hear from you about. Many thanks to photographer Jackie Foley, who took professional pictures of different aspects of the space. She was our first customer when she booked the space for the day to conduct a portrait session.


We had the great fortune of being featured in the Highlands Current earlier when the local networking group, HV Women in Business, hosted a meetup.

Curated Pop-Up Events at A Little Beacon Space

Sometimes, we make up our own events and host them in the space. You can always find the schedule of all events here. This weekend includes two of them! Spooky Parent/Child Yoga, and Kitchen Cuts, which was included in the Calendar at the Highlands Current! P.S.: Huge congratulations to The Incline Railway for their award.

Come to parent/child yoga with us this Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:15 am. Only seven spots left!

Then stop in and say "hi" during the Kids' Hocus Pocus Parade, where we'll be giving little kids $16 haircuts and $1 face painting. Proceeds from the face painting go to the Beacon elementary schools, where we are working on a donation to the teachers for all of the art supplies they buy for our kids for day-to-day projects.

And then on Tuesday, pop in to do a quick 30-minute workout with us. Don't worry - you can come dressed for the day and get right back into your work clothes from your work-out clothes. Led by professional athlete Jane Savage of Savage Health, the idea is to get your blood flowing to inspire great ideas during your day.

Then in November, join us if you want to get your finances in order: Galia Gichon, one of my favorite people in finance who works with creative types, gives an interactive seminar on Personal Finance Planning for Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Artists. If you have some plans, no plans, or want a checkup, this seminar will make getting your house in order easier and more attainable.

Thank you so much for you support thus far. Only in Beacon could this business have been crafted this way. It's an inspiring city to grow a business in. See you soon!

Yes, The Kids' Halloween Parade Really Is This Sunday!

The questions are flying around Facebook groups and my inbox: "Is the Kids' Parade really this Sunday?" Yes... as is maybe your school Halloween party this week, unless it's on the day of Halloween, or who knows! October turned super-busy last year, and this year has proven no different. Just take a look at how the 2015 Kids' Halloween Hocus Pocus Parade turned out!

Two parades pass through this weekend: The Dark Parade, which is a glow-in-the-dark event for adults on Saturday night, and the Kids' Hocus Pocus Parade on Sunday afternoon.

We dusted off last year's Pumpkins and Parades Guide that contains information on where to find parades, pumpkin carving events, and pumpkin patches and markets. This year, we added a "Watch For It" section to highlight special offerings from stores. Don't let the warm weather fool you - Halloween is coming, and you may need two costumes for all of the display opportunities. By the time trick-or-treating comes around, that well-planned costume may have a few worn patches. Take a look at our coverage of last year's Kids Halloween Parade to get a sense for the day.

PS: The location of this photo is Lawrence Farms, which is in this guide as a beautiful location of pumpkin picking.

PS: The location of this photo is Lawrence Farms, which is in this guide as a beautiful location of pumpkin picking.

For the past two years (that I know of), Dance Bag has had a $10 rack out on their sidewalk for an impressive selection of poofy dresses and other stage-worthy costumes, but they say they won't this year. If making your own costume is not an option right now, really impressive and affordable costumes have been known to be at TJ Maxx and at Cracker Barrel. By now, Cracker Barrel may have their costumes on clearance. So that's a bonus!

two Halloween Events at A Little Beacon Space!

We're about to send an official announcement about it (but all of these parade dates bumped our own article), but A Little Beacon Space is open! We're hosting two pop-up events this weekend: Parent/Child Yoga on Saturday with a Halloween theme (only seevn spots left!), and Kitchen Cuts for kids' haircuts and face painting on Sunday. Hope to see you!

Only seven spots left, so  get your ticket!

Only seven spots left, so get your ticket!

Walk-ins welcome! If you  book online in advance of the day,  you get a discount.

Walk-ins welcome! If you book online in advance of the day, you get a discount.

ALBB's First Kids Kitchen Cuts Pop-Up Experience Was Really Cute!! We're Doing It Again 10/23/16!

Hosting the first curated pop-up experience at A Little Beacon Space was slightly more than nerve-wracking, I must admit! Will anyone come? Will the 6-year-olds who had been pining to face paint for two weeks actually last more than an hour to paint faces? The answers were...yes.

With blessings from Your Presence Salon's owner Danielle and her stylist Audrinna (my neighbor), they jumped into this experiment with me, and it was great. Little families came throughout the day, with children getting their faces painted while their siblings got a hair cut. We even had a bonus flat-iron curl for the girls!

Transformations happened. One little girl with very long hair had never had a haircut in her life. That day, she not only got a trim, but she got bangs, and was the cutest ever, all day long, patting and exploring the new feature on her forehead.

Face painting happened too! Silvery, goopy glitter and all. So much so, that I need to order another flat of colors for our next Kitchen Cuts on October 23! With the face painting, we raised $36 for Beacon Elementary Schools. The total included the donated haircut tip cup from Danielle and Audrinna. Thanks, ladies!

Thank you to everyone who came. It was so much fun, we are doing it again! This time, it'll be during the Hocus Pocus Parade on Main Street, aka the children's Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 23rd from 10 am to 4 pm. A Little Beacon Blog will be handing out candy, and will be open for $1 face painting and $16 haircuts for kids. Book online in advance of the day, and you get a discount.

This next pop-up experience is sponsored by Teresa Marra's new Disney travel booking service, "It's All About The Mouse." She knows all of the tricks to book a Disney trip on a budget. Thank you, Teresa, for helping our next pop-up haircut and face paint day happen!