"Thanks!" Jar

"Thanks!" Jar


Did you love an article so much that you just want to say “Thank You!” or “That Was Awesome!” If so, we love hearing from you!! Honestly - your feedback keeps us going.

If you’re the type who loves a Tip Jar, well we have one for you! Now you can support our version of local media in general at any time. You can send us $2.99 whenever you want.

All articles are free, and you don’t need to send anything in. We want to make information as accessible as possible to you. But if you wanted to support in some way, this is one way you could. A Little Beacon Blog is a business entity, so this is not tax-deductible, sorry! This level of support will also not list your name. It’s a digital Tip Jar. We personally will see your name, but don’t share it. It’s just an anonymous contribution.

If you want your name known (personal or business), then please visit our Media Kit for other branding options. You could also Sponsor An Article for recognized placement.

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