Hourly Meeting Space Rental for Meetings
291 Main Street, A Little Beacon Space

Host your meeting from the middle of Main Street in Beacon, NY in the restored Telephone Building, which first connected phone calls in the Hudson Valley in 1907. Run your meeting from a well-stocked and inspiring room, making your event easy and pleasant.

This hourly space rental is limited for 4 people total. For more people and more flexibility, please see our Workshop + Event Space Rental Package.


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    • 10 folding chairs
    • 1 long black table
    • 2 ivory faux leather high-back chairs
    • 1 coffee table
    • Epson projector: EX3240/EX7240 Pro. It has the following cables: USB, HDMI, VGA, Audio. We have a BOSE bluetooth speaker in the room, but also have plug-in computer speakers if anyone’s bluetooth acts up.
    • 75" wide projector screen
    • Easel with paper and markers (including a few glitter markers). Looks like this with adjustable legs.
    • Bar
    • 2 black stools
    • Mini-fridge with icebox (in room)
    • Wine & Beer openers
    • Wine glasses for small gatherings
    • French and Tea Presses
    • Set of 8 china plates and mugs
    • 3 serving platters
    • Water cooler (a glass water jug with spout)
    • 2 short glass vases
    • Full length mirror
    • Bose Bluetooth speaker
    • Computer plug-in speakers for those who are Bluetooth challenged
    • Air-conditioner - turn on as you need it
    • 3 trash cans for optional recycling and food compositing