Curated Pop-Up Experiences
291 Main Street, A Little Beacon Space

The team at A Little Beacon Blog loves bringing people together, be it for retail, beauty, or an information fair. From time to time, we may curate a pop-up experience by pairing related businesses with each other. Opportunities to host a table to sell your wares are available at these pop-up experiences, as well as to sponsor the event and be represented on promotional material. If you have an idea for a pop-up experience, you can submit it to You can always host your own pop-up experience by renting the space with your group by clicking here.

How to Book

Talk to us first by contacting us to see if your business is a fit with an upcoming pop-up experience. If so, then you can book directly online here. You also have an option to hire someone from our team to be your Shop Assistant if you can't be there to represent your table.

Promotional Benefits

  • A Little Beacon Blog's PopUp Shop Guide: Your event listed in our Guide, which is Tweeted and Instagrammed in advance.
  • A Little Beacon Blog's Facebook Event: List your event on our Facebook page. The link would link to your main Event page, but can act as an alert to our subscribers.
  • 2 Storefront Windows: Decorate the windows with a window display in an eye catching way.
  • Sidewalk Sign: Place your sign out front on the sidewalk with your flyer to help people know they are in the right place. Additionally, hang your flyer on the front door of A Little Beacon Space as a final anchor point to bringing people in the door.


  • 10 blue folding chairs
  • 1 long black table (seats up to 12 people)
  • 2 ivory faux leather high-back chairs
  • 75" wide projector screen
  • 1 coffee table (seats up to 6 people)
  • Bar (seats up to 4 people)
  • 2 black stools (good for use at bar)
  • 2 high desk chairs (good for use at bar)
  • Wine glasses for small gatherings
  • Mini-fridge with icebox (in room)
  • Wine & Beer openers
  • French and Tea Presses
  • Set of 8 china plates and mugs
  • 3 serving platters
  • Water cooler (a glass water jug with spout)
  • 2 short glass vases
  • Full length mirror
  • Bose Bluetooth speaker
  • Air-conditioner
  • In-building recycling and food composting