Come In! Hudson Valley Vinyl Opens - Buying and Collecting Records

If you were a fan of Audioccult, you were bummed when their doors closed back in February. But when their doors closed, another opened! In less than one month, Hudson Valley Vinyl moved in, and is keeping the crate digging alive for local vinyl record enthusiasts. Chris Reisman, a long time vinyl record collector and buyer from the Hudson Valley (currently lives in Orange County), saw an opportunity to fill the void that would have been left at 267 Main Street in Beacon. 

Chris Reisman's Longtime Passion for Records

Chris always wanted to open a record store and found Beacon to be the perfect place for it, but did not want to compete with another record store on Main Street.  Once it was announced that Audioccult was closing, Chris acted quickly and was able to secure the location, "When I heard Sean was closing, I did what I had to do to secure the space. It happened very quickly and I was just happy I was able to fill a soon to be open void."

Chris has been selling vinyl records for over 15 years.  It began as a hobby but turned it into a career after getting laid off from what he thought would have been his "dream job" in the music industry.  Music has always been a part of his life, and began listening at an early age, mostly to Hip Hop and Thrash Metal. He would seek out vinyl record collections to purchase - even traveling as far as Texas!  As a former DJ back in the 90s, Chris spent a lot of time crate digging for Hip Hop singles before the popularity of vinyl records resurfaced again for the masses.   

Record Stores are Back

What is with the popularity of vinyl records anyway? "I think vinyl is becoming popular again because people are realizing there's something so unfulfilling about listening to mp3s." Chris says,  "Holding the jacket and reading it. These are all things digital formats don't allow you to do. I think people want a tangible object as opposed to a file."  

With Record Store Day this weekend, Hudson Valley Vinyl is not an official participating vendor (this year), but they are a must-stop on your record store travels, as they will have a lot of sales to offer, including $1 records and more marked down items. On my first visit, I walked out of there with FOURTEEN records, and that's only because I stopped myself. I need a reason to go back right??

You will find used albums from a mix of genres like Jazz, Soul, R&B, Rock, Rap, Reggae, Blues, Latin, Disco, Psychedelic, in LPs, 45s, and even CDs.  Not only can you add to your vinyl collection at Hudson Valley Vinyl, but they will buy your vinyl record collection too!  "Record collections that come from radio DJs, club DJs, industry executives, promoters, hippies, and music aficionados. With that being said, we will also still come to see mom and pop's collection."  Just book an appointment

Make sure you say "Hello" to the painting of Jazz musician Joe Chambers displayed over the CDs!

Make sure you say "Hello" to the painting of Jazz musician Joe Chambers displayed over the CDs!

Hudson Valley Vinyl is located at 267 Main Street and is open Thursdays through Monday (closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays) from noon to 8pm and until 6pm on Sundays.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram too and always check with a store regarding their most recent Open hours first to see if anything has changed! 

Beacon Trivia: Before Audioccult was in this space, The Beacon Pantry opened its doors for the first time. It was so successful, that it expanded to a space a few blocks down that offers a patio.