Classified Ad


Classified Ad

from 25.00

Post your listing on A Little Beacon Blog. Packages can include pictures of what you are selling, plus shorter or longer descriptions.

A Classified Listing on A Little Beacon Blog is a good fit for:

  • Rentals (Apartment, House or Office)
  • Cars
  • Job Positions
  • Big Yard Sales


Package 1:
5 Sentence Description. Published at Blog, Facebook, Twitter

Package 2:
10 Sentence Description, 1 Photo. Published at Blog, Facebook, Twitter

Package 3:
5 Photos + Long Description that includes formatting like bullet points and ways to break up the content into something easier to read. Published on Blog, Ad in Side Column, Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter

To Order:

Please pick a Package from the list below. Once you purchase your package, send your classified ad details to We'll connect with you right away!

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